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Global Energy Corporation

How Data Boosted Energy Efficiency and Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Establishing the first single-view energy and GHG management platform.

After the world marked the hottest year on record, this global energy corporation was one of the first in their industry to seek a long-term solution for improving energy efficiency and decarbonization. They chose Publicis Sapient as their partner to strategize, plan, design and implement a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions & Energy Efficiency Platform that reduces energy consumption costs and paves the way to a low-carbon future.

The Imperative for Change 

A key challenge was our client's inability to obtain a unified view of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions data for their operations in 40+ countries. This data was scattered in several regional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HSE and other operational systems.

There was also a general lack of analytical tools, which prevented our client from measuring their current state emissions and setting targets for decarbonization and energy efficiency goals. Business confidence in the quality of data was low and there were several siloed efforts to improve data quality.  

As well as the need to improve the quality of data for better reporting among internal and external stakeholders, there was an urgent necessity for automating the lengthy process of loading, processing and publishing data. 

The Transformative Solution

Publicis Sapient partnered with our client to develop the first global integrated solution that provides a single view of emissions and energy consumption data. The self-serve, cloud-based Greenhouse Emissions & Energy Efficiency Platform identifies high-carbon footprint assets and areas for improvement. The platform integrates data from ERP, SCADA systems, HSE systems and external sources to provide the following capabilities:


  • Data ingestion, harmonization and transformation 
  • Data quality checks and cross-reference management 
  • Application for data management
  • Dashboards for data analysis
  • Calculation of energy efficiency and GHG management metrics 
  • Forecasts and predictive analytics


  • View GHG emissions by major equipment, facility and geography
  • Identify bad actors and areas of improvement through energy intensity metrics 
  • Certify data before it’s published to improve business confidence  
  • Analyze metrics and predictive forecasts from multiple lenses with drill-down capabilities
  • Apply what-if analysis for projections and help with decision-making
  • Compare key metrics across different areas of operations and initiate remediation efforts for areas with maximum improvement opportunities

The Impact

Over the course of five years, our client saw a measurable reduction in their carbon footprint, boosted their operations and drove new investments in areas identified for improvement. The platform enabled our client to comply with evolving regulations by providing alerts when emissions reached regional threshold levels.    

The global energy corporation also reduced costs, thanks to real-time, more meaningful energy consumption data, overlayed with external data. The improved quality of emissions and energy efficiency data allowed for better reporting and set the right expectations of results with internal and external stakeholders.  

Our client's decarbonization efforts made global headlines, reaffirming their commitment to clean energy while strengthening the loyalty of their customers.  

$200M+ OPEX savings over 5 years
Measurable reduction in GHG emissions
4.4% energy efficiency improvement
Empowering end-users with data and tools for decision-making through self-serve analytics
Instilling a culture of collaborative, data-driven decision-making
Ashish Tyagi
Ashish Tyagi
Director of Technology Engineering
Akhil Sehgal
Akhil Sehgal
Executive Client Partner, Energy & Commodities, North America