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Major Downstream Energy Company

How a Major Energy Company is Realizing Its Billion-dollar Aspiration Value

Transforming the company from a business-siloed, spreadsheet-based organization to a unified, data-driven decision-making culture.

Unpredicted risks inevitably emerge in companies’ complex value chains, which is why adopting new work models is essential for sustainability, resilience and long-term efficiency. Publicis Sapient partnered with a veteran U.S. energy company to unify its data and align business outcomes across the value chain—and consequently tap into a billion-dollar opportunity.

The Imperative for Change

Our client’s multifaceted company has a complex supply chain: multiple refineries, millions of crude oil barrels processed per day, thousands of miles of pipelines, hundreds of storage facilities and numerous North America stores.

With multiple moving parts working almost independently and lacking in data transparency, team members struggled to share and read full end-to-end data easily and in real time, leading to localized optimization decisions and a lack of sustainable interlocks between trading, logistics, refinery and marketing teams.

The Transformative Solution

Our team delivered a sustainable Value Chain Analytics & Visualization Platform that enables better decisioning and offers the highest return by providing tangible data in real time. We implemented a fully custom Azure native platform utilizing a low code–based UI feature that blends data capture and analytics together, employed by a modern micro apps-based solution architecture.

The platform ingests data from a myriad of sources (trading, pricing, commercial, operational, accounting, etc.) to build an enterprise data lake. That data is organized and then transformed to generate insights displayed to business users through rich visualizations, accessed through a compute API layer.

“This integrated platform has really unlocked value to our business processes and decision-making, enabling a broader transformation across our company. Publicis Sapient has been a great partner to augment our team with the right capabilities to build this platform.”
Downstream Company Project Manager

The Business Impact

After building a Value Chain Analytics & Visualization Platform, comprising 100+ discrete use cases, its new analytics and intelligible tools have been key enablers in placing the company on the fast track to deliver $0.5B in value by 2025.

Teams now work in a more collaborative and transparent way, making decisions that are beneficial company-wide, while reducing inventory and improving profitability by 10% and capturing profitable opportunities that were not previously visible.

Our client has also seen improved crude acquisition margins due to an optimized crude movement, an increase in refinery asset utilization and a consistent digital experience across refineries including a speedy access to insights.

Newly automated business functions resulted in saving time on formerly manual tasks, and increasing overall operational efficiency so that 150 years on, our multinational client can continue moving forward.

Pawan Vaswani
Pawan Vaswani
Vice President, Energy & Commodities
Sushil Kodgire
Sushil Kodgire
Vice President, Energy & Commodities