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Business Intelligence in Financial Services

Transform your data into actionable insights through customer-focused experiences.

Banks deal with almost unimaginable volumes of data. By some estimates, the amount of data held by U.S. banks alone exceeds more than 1 exabyte (1 billion gigabytes). To put that into perspective, that’s the equivalent of 1 trillion e-books or 250 million DVDs worth of information.

But data alone is largely meaningless. To drive data-driven decision making and create real business intelligence, banks need to turn this data into insights. And they need to do this in a way that navigates the regulatory and data privacy restrictions unique to the financial services industry.

Our approach to Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) answers this problem by translating the immense volume of data held by banks into actionable knowledge. Smart BI systems provide decision makers in the front, middle and back offices with the insights they need — when and where they need them — so they can make better decisions, identify issues, detect market trends and uncover new business opportunities. But while loads of companies can sell you an off-the-shelf BI platform, at Publicis Sapient we know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to business intelligence.


We help you ask the right questions

We’ll work with you to correctly identify the data obstacles unique to your business, so you can assess what needs to change and how.


We understand your business

The support you need will depend on the data you have, the regulations you’re under and a hundred other variables unique to your business. We’ll work with you to understand your organization, so we can tailor our support directly to you.


We’ll build a bespoke solution

We’ll apply our holistic SPEED capabilities — that’s strategy, product, engineering, experience and data — to build a BI solution bespoke to you.


Making sense out of chaos

With a customer-focused self-service user interface, your people can visualize the data that matters to them clearly and — even more importantly — accurately. And by enabling them to make better decisions, you can help them provide an enhanced service to your customers, whether that’s consumers, regulators, stakeholders, other banks, vendors or payment processors.

Five principles for a robust BI platform

Designing effective, robust BI tools is no simple task. But by breaking the process down into five foundational principles, we can simplify the process and deliver a solution that transforms the way you use your data.

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Jonathan Alloy
Jonathan Alloy
Vice President of Customer Experience and Innovation Consulting