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Speed Layer

Unlock your data and grow your business with our resilient and scalable data platform

Financial services firms are facing unprecedented challenges. Customers expect 24/7 access to services and products and expect their banks and insurance companies to deliver fast and seamless customer experiences.

But businesses are often locked into legacy technologies or mainframe systems—halting innovation, limiting real-time processing of data and failing to deliver an optimal experience for their users. The result: slower growth, lost cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and dissatisfied customers.

Modernizing legacy technologies without crashing the core systems can seem like a daunting task, but it’s essential if you want to remain competitive with digital challengers, ​enable real-time access to data and provide better customer experiences.

Introducing Speed Layer

That’s why we built Speed Layer: a data streaming platform designed to unlock your data, boost your resilience and grow your business.

Speed Layer solves the problem of data demand, enabling you to create resilient and real-time engagement experiences, reduce costs and enable future innovation at speed.

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Key benefits

99.99% availability

Using modern data streaming technologies and appropriate hosting solutions either in the cloud or in your data centers, Speed Layer offers 99.99% system availability and above.

Millisecond performance

Using horizontally scalable technologies and architecture patterns to reduce system bottlenecks, Speed Layer achieves milliseconds level read-performance.

Opportunities for innovation

​Speed Layer makes manipulating and enriching data for product development much easier, enabling countless use cases including automated fraud detection, customer end application experience, voice technology, personalized products and customer management insights.

Quicker product development

Speed Layer enables you to quickly build out new products to respond to market demands by allowing easy and repeatable access to data sets and interfaces without disturbing the underlying systems of record (SORs).

Significant cost savings

Speed Layer uses industry-standard open-source technologies, resulting in significant cost savings by offloading read-workloads from SoRs.

Infrastructure and application availability
7 ms
Microservice response time vs target of 200 ms
Automated functional and non-functional test scenario coverage
<10 mins
Time taken by CI/CS pipeline to unit test, security scan, publish, validate and deploy an application
Savings in infrastructure costs by early pilot testing
A customer tapping their smartphone on a contactless reader to make a payment

How Speed Layer Helped Nationwide Increase Resilience and Availability of Digital Services