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Every year banks are investing more and more time and money into maintaining their legacy core. And new regulations, rising customer expectations and open banking are stretching these systems to the limit.

But upgrading isn’t easy; it’s complex, costly and risky. And most transformation programs fail.

Thankfully, times are changing, and new technologies are mitigating the risk of core banking modernization. So how do you capitalize on this new tech, move to a modern cloud-based coreless architecture and deliver the experiences your customers expect?

  • Introducing our Core Modernization Playbook

    Welcome to your step-by-step guide to delivering a successful core modernization program for your bank. Inside you’ll discover how to:

    • Translate your ambition into an actionable transformation plan
    • Open new areas of growth for your business
    • Mitigate the risks of core modernization
    • Secure buy-in for your program from across your organization
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David Murphy
David Murphy
Head of Financial Services, EMEA & APAC