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CAP — A faster route to Google Cloud for Financial Services

Setting up a cloud infrastructure can be complex and challenging. Multiple teams have their own requirements and there are hundreds of cloud products and services to choose from, so it often takes many months and even years to create and launch a fully integrated cloud platform.

CAP speeds up the process so banks can start utilizing the power of the cloud in months. With a pre-built landing zone, tailored guidance through the whole process and a suite of custom resources, CAP allows you to focus on your business and customers.


Introducing Pathfinder

Your guide through it all is Pathfinder — a custom tool that makes establishing a Google Cloud Foundation for Financial Services firms easier and faster.


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Your own ready-to-go Landing Zone

Start with your own fully automated, FSI ready and secure Landing Zone, aligned to CIS and CSA CCM* and Google Cloud’s best practices.

In addition, CAP brings you four unique features in one. It is customized for workloads and stakeholders, it has a ready-made toolkit and supports compliance at build, migration and running of workloads.

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    Workload specific

    Get the right Landing Zone for each workload, whether it is for a cloud foundation build, cloud native application development, data, virtual machine or any other workload.

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    A personalized path

    A journey customized for your business and the people in it that can be tailored to individual needs and responsibilities.

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    A ready-made toolkit

    Get the right tools at each step of the way, with a suite of assets — pre-written code, technical diagrams and more — to help you build faster and safer.

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    Compliant at every stage

    To keep and maintain compliance with every workload migration there are more than 68 controls related

*CIS refers to the “Center for Internet Security Controls.” CSA CCM refers to the “Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix.”

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