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Publicis Sapient and IBM

Building better supply chains together

The Strongest Link

Publicis Sapient and IBM partner to deliver solutions that strengthen the world’s supply chains. Our solutions are based on an outcome-driven approach where we define potential business value upfront. In a world where the supply chain is constantly evolving to meet changing consumer expectations, companies can count on Publicis Sapient to drive digital transformation powered by IBM's industry-leading technology.

Leveraging the best of Publicis Sapient's unique ability to deliver digital business transformation through business strategy, consulting, customer experience, marketing modernization, IT, Data and AI, coupled with IBM’s industry-leading supply chain solutions allows us to generate real business results for our clients.

Promise to Delivery

Bringing deep expertise across IBM’s supply chain suite—to enable true digital transformation

Our Promise-to-Delivery solution framework takes an end to end approach (eliminates siloed functional optimization) and provides consistent experiences to your customers irrespective of channel(s) they leverage throughout their order lifecycle while addressing your profitability and efficiency challenges. Explore our Promise-to-delivery framework in greater detail below.

See it, sell it and manage it more profitably to deliver on business goals and ever-increasing customer expectations.

Inventory Visibility enables up-to-the-minute inventory tracking and accurate available-to-promise data, even in businesses with high volumes and many SKUs. The cloud-based solution is demand-sensing and scales automatically without IT assistance. It integrates easily with your existing order management or ERP system as well as new sales channels.


Excel at omni-channel fulfillment, optimize costs and leverage inventory insights to avoid markdowns and stock-outs. The Fulfillment Optimizer is an AI-based cognitive analytics engine, which identifies the optimal fulfillment location for any order and has the capabilities to enable:

• Real-time optimization across multiple parameters

• A ‘What If’ simulation capability to evaluate various fulfillment models

• A shipping cost optimization tool to run throughout the journey of the customer order

• Predictive abilities to provide fulfillment recommendations based on learnings from past data


Create an end-to-end solution that delivers better results from the initial sale through return to resale. The solution will enable you to:

• Use returns as an opportunity to dynamically restock your stores in order to satisfy high predicted demand locations

• Reroute returns to locations where the predicted demand for that product is high

• Increase customer satisfaction, by providing insights during customer order placement (e.g., recommend right size based on past purchases to help avoid future returns)


Purpose-built tools provide cross-sell and up-sell recommendations, helps standardize processes for inventory and task management, and enables flexible fulfillment options (such as curbside pick-up, buy online, pick-up in store and ship from store). It will also as well as manages returns across channels.


Order Management Solutions (OMS) form the backbone of any omni-channel fulfillment and retail fulfillment operation. With feature rich and highly scalable OMS, customers are able to reduce their shipping cost by up to 8%. OMS delivers the capability to track the full life cycle of any order, while enabling retailers to optimally source and allocate product inventory while at the same time perfectly balancing margins, utilizing store capacity and meeting delivery expectations. This solution also provides up-to-the-minute inventory tracking for other channels by consolidating the inventory from various sources and applying exclusions and projecting them as appropriate to deliver on customer expectations.


With the supply chain stretched to its limits, there needs to be a paradigm shift in how Operations and IT view performance. While KPIs provide results based on the actual events that occurred, the teams need to be equipped with tools and information to quickly review the data, understand how it was resolved in the past and collaborate efficiently with the involved parties. Control tower solutions provide actionable insights for managers to take actions to mitigate potential challenges. These solutions use predictive capabilities (AI/ML) to provide insights to improve supply chain performance.

The control tower provides a 360-degree view of the supply chain as well as a granular view for the operations team to focus and act upon the targeted areas.


IBM’s Rapid Response Solutions enable you to digitally transform your company to manage the last-mile with ship-to-store enablement, curbside pick-up capabilities, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, and global inventory visibility.

With curbside pick-up increasing over 200% due to the pandemic, many retailers are turning to solutions that provide this functionality and provide appointment-based shopping experiences for their customers. Our Rapid Response Solutions do just that. These solutions quickly integrate with existing systems and offer slots for curbside pick-up and in-store shopping. The slots are not fixed but can be adjusted based on the order volume or basket size to offer either additional slots or dynamically reduce slots to offer a better customer experience.

With curbside pick-up increasing, there is an increased appetite for the last mile delivery as well. This rapid response solution integrates the slots with the last mile delivery provider and offers the customer slots dynamically based on availability and basket size.

"The supply chain is being stretched to its limits by the new business demands generated by social change and digital transformation. Against this backdrop of change and evolution are shifting demands from customers who expect personalized, fast, convenient and secure experiences that match seamlessly across every interaction."
Jon Panella
Jon Panella, Group Vice President, Commerce and Order Management Practice
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Take a deeper look at our partnership with IBM.

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