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Public Safety Roles: Recruitment and Hiring

Publicis Sapient and Salesforce are teaming to enhance recruitment and hiring solutions for public safety roles in the United States in 21st century. Public safety agents, such as police, sheriff and fire fighters, are some of the most important public service careers in society. Traditional hiring pipelines for these roles have evolved into competitive arenas where the number of jobs available far exceeds the number of applicants. Public safety agencies need to heavily compete with other industries for top talent. Salesforce’s solution offer the tools hiring agencies need to successfully market and advertise open opportunities, as well as manage and track applicants through the entire fulfillment process.


We have identified key areas in which agencies can leverage Salesforce to find and engage with prospective candidates:

  • Discover and learn about opportunities from websites
  • Engage and learn more about opportunities through personalized communications
  • Update info and take action in an applicant community
  • Get answers in a help center
  • Track next steps with a personalized checklist
  • Talk to peers or a recruiter through Chat or a forum


Who It’s For:

Public Justice Agencies – Police departments, fire departments, sheriff departments, other law and safety enforcement

What It Is:

An end-to-end recruitment and hiring solution based on the Salesforce platform, designed and configured in connection with and implemented by Publicis Sapient.

How We Help:

Our experience with Salesforce solutions and public safety in this sector lends itself to helping these agencies design and implement the exact configuration that can make the recruiting and hiring process for these essential roles easier and more effective.

Success launching career recruitment solutions in the public sector and non-profit sectors based on the Salesforce platform.

  • Our clients benefit from the Power of One, where Publicis Sapient intersects with other Publicis agencies, with Epsilon data underpinning it all. Publicis Sapient is proud to have more than 700 Salesforce specialists worldwide.
Danica Villanueva
Danica Villanueva
Salesforce Partner Marketing & Alliances Director - Publicis Sapient
Steven Galvez
Steven Galvez
Senior Director of Alliances, Publicis Sapient

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