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Control Tower Digital Brain

Track and resolve specific business issues through improved orchestration and decision intelligence​ to continually deliver a connected customer and brand experience.

Customers just want to know where their stuff is and when they’ll get it. But your business demands more. An intelligent control goes beyond visibility-driven approaches to add a layer of strategic thinking, orchestration, workflow processing and optimization to address much more specific and business-critical questions, from “how to protect margins” or “how to prevent out-of-stocks and maintain service levels” to “how best to deliver against ever-changing customer expectations.” It’s about constantly uncovering better business practices and shopper experiences. 

How does a digital brain work?

A digital brain can answer these challenges by sitting above existing systems where it can spot and solve role-based use cases by:

  • Continuously sensing and understanding in real time
  • Providing end-to-end visibility​
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence and optimization models to predict business outcomes
  • Proactively engaging decision-makers and recommending specific actions
  • Automating particular use cases and scenarios to run autonomously

Our digital brain solution understands data in real-time to promote intelligent decisions

Our digital brain solution understands data in real time to promote intelligent decisions

Our digital brain solution understands data in real time to promote intelligent decisions

Solutions outcomes

We partner with clients to deliver more effective sales and marketing growth that increases reach, conversion and customer lifetime value—profitably. 

With more agile and accurate planning, tracking, optimization and automation, retailers will derive business value from:

  • Displaying only available products in promotions
  • Minimizing waste and obsolescence risk
  • Supply sensitivity ​analysis to address constrained supply issues
  • Reduced lead times
  • Multi-echelon inventory​ optimization to balance inventory against service levels and cost models
  • Improved promise to delivery capabilities from available to promise (ATP), toward capable to promise (CTP) and profitable to promise (PTP) decision-making


Meanwhile, shoppers will enjoy the benefits of:

  • On-shelf availability
  • On-time delivery
  • Frictionless returns

Our 12-week approach

In a maximum of 12 weeks, Publicis Sapient works with organizations to identify one high-value digital brain capability, such as ATP, to build and deploy with:

  • Clearly defined success criteria
  • Real data
  • Low risk
  • Quick benefits
  • Trained employees to validate the solution and benefits

MVP approach to digital brain

MVP approach to digital brain, from workshop to deployment

MVP approach to digital brain

Our core Digital Brain partner

Get in touch

Contact us to learn more about specific digital brain use cases and the ways we help retailers manage complexity and focus on profit in a speed-obsessed landscape. 

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