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Top Global Retailer

How A Top Global Retailer Achieved Digital Business Transformation

Digital transformation is an ongoing process. Learn how one of the largest global retailers innovated across the business to achieve success.

When one of the largest international grocery and general merchandise retailers wanted to evolve for the digital age, they chose Publicis Sapient to lead their transformation journey. Over the last 10+ years, Publicis Sapient has worked to strategically redefine the business, innovate processes, introduce new offerings and overcome some of the toughest digital challenges to future-proof their brand in an ever-changing retail landscape.

The Imperative for Change

The retailer's journey began in 2010, with the desire to expand their grocery and general merchandise e-commerce business to be independent of third-party partners. To do this, the business needed to optimize supply chain operations for larger online orders, strengthen relationships with suppliers, elevate branding and promotional programs, and integrate digital channels into existing in-store businesses.

As new systems were implemented, the retailer had the ability to build on processes and introduce new services to put shoppers first. As the organization became more digitally mature, they also needed to change how they worked to scale projects efficiently — shifting their organizational mindset to become an agile, engineering-focused enterprise.

The Transformative Solution

Publicis Sapient has worked with the retailer at every stage of the transformation journey, sparking growth by providing a suite of services across the business, including:

Expansion of online grocery to international markets

Dedicated e-commerce marketplace for general merchandise

E-commerce and brand revitalization of apparel business

Grocery supply chain optimization

Data-driven pricing, loyalty and promotions

Mobile scan-as-you-go technology

Organizational shift to engineering-first, API-based microservices ecosystem

Ongoing support of branding, digital marketing and engineering initiatives

The Business Impact

With an international e-commerce presence, optimized supply chain operations, advanced in-store digital technologies and an agile engineering mindset, the retailer has seen incredible growth and is ready to embrace a new decade of shopper-first innovations.

annual revenue from general merchandising solution
annual revenue from international grocery e-commerce
annual revenue from UK grocery API
improvement in e-commerce order picking rate
improvement in on-time delivery
Guy Elliott
Guy Elliott
Executive Vice President