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How One Bank Is Delivering New Products and Services at Speed

New customer-first platform transforms the business in just 12 weeks.

Our client needed more than a shiny new app: they wanted a new business model and a robust technical foundation to deliver on their future goals. With our help, they got both in just three months.

The Imperative for Change

Our financial client had plans to connect all their different account types and let customers control them in one place. They knew this would involve more than just creating a shiny new app, but developing a new business model, instilling a digital first mindset and a technology foundation that would allow them to adapt, innovate and deliver new products and services to market at speed.

They asked Publicis Sapient to help them deliver this in just 12 weeks.

The Transformative Solution

First, we created a single multidisciplinary team of tech, UX, creative and strategy experts, working side-by-side in agile sprints to speed up time to go -live. We then analyzed the business, identified customer pain points and created a four-step plan to achieve the client’s vision.

We built the product engine on Thought Machine’s core banking platform. For the mobile app, we chose Flutter due to its flexible open-source development framework, strong cross-platform support and single codebase. We then went back to basics with brand, creative and UX workshops and exploration, creating a new, iterative design from the ground up that was tested with live customers throughout.

  • A diagram showing the structure of the new banking platform.

We built a front-to-back banking platform connecting the mobile app, payment platform and a real-time data lake.


“By combining Publicis Sapient’s insight and expertise with our core banking technology, we managed to move quickly and add real value for the client in just 12 weeks. We also proved that it is entirely possible for banks to be innovative while adhering to strict internal policies and external regulatory obligations.”
Nick Wilde, APAC Managing Director, Thought Machine

The Impact

With their transformation underway, our financial client has the tools to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing market. By developing new products and experiences at speed, they can adapt to their customers’ evolving expectations and create impact by delivering experiences they’ll love.

But the journey is just beginning. With our three-year roadmap for the business in place, we’re excited to be working with them to reach their long-term cost-to income ratio targets and to continue helping their business meet the challenges of tomorrow.

David Murphy
David Murphy
Head of Financial Services, EMEA & APAC
Tyler Munoz
Tyler Munoz
Senior Client Partner, ASEAN