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Welcome to your new bank 

Creating the ultimate customer experience. It’s the goal of every incumbent bank looking to stand out in a fast-changing industry. But shiny new apps don’t create successful banks. And digital transformation takes time. Time you don’t have.

That’s why at Publicis Sapient our fast-track approach to digital transformation can get your business ready for the future in just three months.

Our proven and repeatable approach

We’ve built digital banks for companies across the globe and with our unique accelerators and IP, we’ve created a blueprint for building banks at speed.

  • Getting to know you

    We’ll get to know your business inside out. We’ll assess your objectives, scrutinize your existing tech stack and get to know your customers.

    Finding the perfect partners

    By partnering with best-in-class cloud-native companies and working with them side-by-side, we’ll create an ecosystem tailored to your exact requirements.

    Failing fast

    We source the right people. And then we let them work together in a single, agile workforce. With strategy, product, experience, engineering and data experts working together in one team, we’re free to experiment, fail, test and learn at speed.

    Making the business case

    We’re not just a tech partner, we’re a business partner. So not only will we build your new platform, but we’ll also make the business case for your digital transformation.

A working digital bank in just three months

By understanding your customers’ needs, establishing an ecosystem of partners, designing the UX and building your core banking platform, we’ll work with you at every step to make your digital future a reality. We’ll even integrate with your legacy systems and align with the regulatory standards wherever you are. And with our unique IP and accelerators, our repeatable blueprint for building banks will allow us to fast-track your journey, so you’ll have a working prototype of your new platform in just three months.

Case study
A Bank Transformed in Just 12 Weeks

Building your ‘steel thread’

At the same time, we’ll create your steel thread. Let us explain.

Imagine a steel thread running through your digital journey on which all your future apps, services and products are built, using the same tech, data architecture and processes. The steel thread is the foundation for all your future transformation work, allowing you to build on what you’ve achieved and scale up when required.

Your roadmap for the future

With some digital partners, you’ll get your banking platform and then you’ll be on your own. Not with us. We’ll deliver a three-year strategic roadmap for your digital transformation so you can adapt your business and your tech to the challenges of tomorrow.

David Murphy
David Murphy
Head of Financial Services, EMEA & APAC