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Top Global Retailer

How One Top Global Retailer Reimagined Its Apparel Business to Put Shoppers First

Elevated e-commerce helped the retailer refresh their apparel brand and drive loyalty through more connected experiences.

When one of the largest global grocery and general merchandise retailers in the world wanted to give their apparel business a makeover, Publicis Sapient leveraged years of expertise in technology and design to get the job done.

The Imperative for Change

In 2013, the retailer decided they wanted to reimagine their global apparel business. At the time, their business model existed in fragments, with standalone franchise stores in select markets and almost no online presence.

The retailer aimed to affirm its visibility in the global market as an affordable high-street fashion brand. On the backend, the retailer aimed to ramp up e-commerce and integrate apparel offers into broader in-store promotions.

The Transformative Solution

With a team of more than 300, Publicis Sapient led a complete e-commerce and branding transformation, from concept and branding strategy, to design and implementation.

  • E-commerce: Publicis Sapient built a core underlying e-commerce platform In Oracle ATG and integrated e-commerce into supply chain operations.
  • Branding: Rolled out an elevated brand strategy and built a new website optimized for customer experience.
  • Loyalty: Expanded the retailer’s existing grocery loyalty program to include apparel, enabling better cross-sell opportunities while building deeper emotional relationships with customers. Apparel and grocery integrations were also added to mobile applications and in-store kiosks.

The Business Impact

The retailer's new loyalty program became a quick success, rising to one of the top five best programs across the organization upon launch in 2015.

Guy Elliott
Guy Elliott
Executive Vice President