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How One Global Jewelry Brand Took an Agile Approach to Salesforce Development
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Like all modern retailers, delivering and maintaining a consistent global shopping experience is a significant challenge as local nuances and digital maturity shape individual markets.

To overcome this, one global jewelry brand turned to Publicis Sapient to upgrade and optimize their Salesforce Commerce application to enable common codebase, functionality and storefront implementation for all of its e-commerce platforms–increasing release velocity and cutting migration time in half.

"We have seen massive improvements in the release process and everyday support since Sapient have come on board."

Senior E-Commerce Lead, APAC, Jewelry Retailer , APAC

The Imperative for Change

In 2018, the jewelry brand’s APAC region was struggling with updating their e-commerce systems. At the time, they were running an outdated version of Salesforce Commerce RefApp, with unique customizations and local flexibility-pattern requirements that were costly and labor-intensive to implement.

The jewelry brand needed an experienced partner like Publicis Sapient that could optimize their system and bring it up-to-date with their other regions to ensure all new releases could be maintained across the organization quickly and efficiently.


The Transformative Solution

Publicis Sapient partnered with the jewelry brand to uncover and prioritize key initiatives, leveraging agile development processes to expedite migration and deployment of an updated Salesforce Commerce application in just over two months.

Our team also decoupled the APAC region’s unique custom code and rebuilt from scratch, ensuring the removal of all redundant and duplicate code to ease future maintenance and scalability.


The Business Impact

Since their first successful migration, the jewelry brand has seen impressive results. Release velocity has accelerated from several months to a matter of weeks, with e-commerce applications requiring no additional downtime.

Publicis Sapient continues to work alongside the global jewelry brand, providing managed services and supporting optimization of new upgrades –a lasting partnership powering innovation.

Tyler Munoz
Tyler Munoz
Senior Client Partner, ASEAN