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Pharma Growth Accelerator

The Pharma Growth Accelerator uses a wide range of digital tools and data to help pharmaceutical companies in sales and marketing.

Pharma Growth Accelerator

This data-driven, laboratory-style approach breaks a company’s complex architecture into component parts to identify major growth drivers and weaknesses. We identify the brand’s current shortcomings in reaching its aspirations and potential. Then we draft a plan for closing those gaps.

This strategically positions the pharmaceutical company for new opportunities and heightened relevance in the marketplace.

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This Pharma Growth Accelerator combines a classic de-composition of growth with an acceleration lab focused on closing important gaps. Key elements to the Publicis Sapient approach for established brands and new product launches include the following:

  1. Crystallization of impacts – Sharper definition of the outcomes and business indicators that are critical to solve.
  2. Segmentation – Intelligent and dynamic grouping of target audiences (primarily HCPs and patients) by a mix of prescribing behavior, digital behavior and propensity to engage by channel.
  3. Channel and content strategy – Evidence-based examination of channel impacts by segment, and the content strategies across each.
  4. Agile workflow renovation – Breakdown of key service design blueprints – e.g. for content approvals and MLR in the context of A/B testing – with diagnosis of gaps against expected workflow demand, and re-design.
  5. Agile technology approach – Diagnosis and road map for modern technology architecture and application ecosystem to support the marketing and sales evolution.

Publicis Sapient teams that drive this work are multi-disciplined and digitally native, working in sprints and close collaboration with client teams. Our orientation is for immediate impacts and longer-term capability development for sustainable change.

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