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European Car Ownership Report

Car ownership is a much longer journey than car shopping. But if consumers feel their relationship with your brand ends at the dealership—or after they click ‘purchase’—it’s likely that brand-building growth opportunities are slipping through the cracks. In our recent report, we surveyed 5,800 car owners across four European markets. Download it today and learn which post-purchase enhancements might convert people from one-time car shoppers to lifetime brand advocates. 

European Automotive Ownership Report

European Car Ownership Report

Report Highlights

Publicis Sapient’s research focuses on uncovering consumer challenges, preferences and priorities to help Automotive brands create lasting impressions on their consumers, even after the initial point of sale. 

The Takeaways
  • Beyond the initial purchase, car maintenance and upkeep are top concerns across the board.
  • Consumers feel more known by their car dealer than their car brand, with 58% saying their brand does not know them well. 
  • When it comes to digital services, car owners value predictive maintenance and connected car data.
  • Automotive brands can harness data to engage consumers after purchase with products and services that enhance car ownership.
  • Consumers are most excited about in-car purchase opportunities, enhanced security and surveillance.

We hope this report will help you make data-powered business enhancements and build stronger connections between your brand and your customers. With the right data strategies, Automotive product and service providers can exceed today’s consumer expectations and continue to move the industry forward.


Publicis Sapient, in partnership with YouGov, administered a survey among 5,801 European adult car owners- across France (985), Germany (1,626), Sweden (1,488) and the United Kingdom (1,703). The figures have been weighted and are representative of all adults in these countries aged 18+. Conducted in March 2023, the purpose of the research was to better understand the frustrations, desires and excitement of car owners today. This data is meant to help automotive brands evolve their business operations and forge lasting customer relationships through personalized and engaging car ownership experiences. 

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Philip Beil
Philip Beil
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