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Adviser Advantage

Adviser Advantage is an AI-powered engagement platform that empowers financial advisers to effectively engage and interact with prospects and clients to build the trust.

It automatically handles the most laborious tasks for client-adviser meetings and simplifies the entire process so both parties are informed and empowered to make important investment decisions.

“In the financial advisory space, business is dependent upon client relationship. This generally requires in-person client meetings. But due to COVID-19, meeting clients has become the biggest challenge,” said Alok Kumar, director of technology at Publicis Sapient. “Taking a step back you realize that a video call is not the only answer. In fact, the problem is larger–how would you build the trust remotely? When solved, this gives enormous scalability to the organization.”

Far from merely broadcasting video, Adviser Advantage comes with special features that improve the experience in the moment and organize the entire call’s contents, so the actionable information is easily accessible afterward. It is a single system of engagement that offers solutions for the following adviser problems:

• How do I engage remotely?

• What should I be aware of?

• How do I leverage past data?

Adviser Advantage displays crucial contextual information for both sides of the call. Advisers see an outline of conversation guidelines and useful links for full visibility into a client’s portfolio and asset allocation. It uses machine learning-powered engagement analysis to track the client’s feelings during the call and offers real-time suggestions for how to proceed.

The platform enables the adviser to log conversations, write notes, bookmark key moments and record sentiment scores. This makes it easier for the adviser to best serve the clients and for the supervisor to track each adviser’s performance. Average call durations, meetings, engagements, reschedules, ratings and hit rates are all catalogued.

During the call, clients see useful links for a better understanding of their current standing in the market. The client’s dashboard features various sections that provide a holistic view into the financial institution. For instance, “know your adviser” boasts the employee’s credentials and focus areas, and “my portfolio” shows a comprehensible breakdown of asset allocation (stocks, bonds and alternatives).

Adviser Advantage supports digital enablement throughout the adviser’s entire journey of attracting and engaging clients. Beyond lead generation, the platform assists with financial planning, implementing and guiding.

This technology is sorely needed during the COVID-19 pandemic when it’s difficult (if not impossible) for clients and advisers to meet in person. But it would be a powerful supplement to a wealth management adviser’s arsenal of solutions and tools at any time.

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