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Mix of illustrations and photography that represents consumers in the Nordics

The Digital Life Index

True North: What Nordic consumers want now

In our new edition of The Digital Life Index, research from Sweden and Denmark dives into the most transformational trends of the year—including how the demand for #seamless is reshaping the Retail, Financial Services and Telehealth industries from Stockholm to Copenhagen.

2021 Loyalty Hack

65% will opt into a loyalty program to get a better deal

With the ability to quickly and effectively bank, shop or visit a doctor at the click of a button, technology has radically shifted consumer behaviors. The result? A huge upside for brands that deliver convenience, ease & connectivity—and a sizable downside for those that don’t.

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2021 Nordic Insights

Explore a fresh batch of industry specific insights reflective of emerging trends.

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The Digital Life Index  is an ongoing global research initiative designed to help brands make people-first decisions to anchor their digital strategies.

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