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Get the most value from your digital business transformation—now and in the future

Today’s challenging fiscal climate has businesses looking across enterprise to find ways to cut costs and work more efficiently. Although many have pursued digital transformation to unlock value, they are likely leaving money on the table.

The numbers say it all. Numerous studies from academics, consultants and analysts indicate that 70%-95% of businesses fail to reach their digital transformation objectives, with an average failure rate of 87.5%. The highest drop in value occurs after initial release, during the maintenance or operations phase of the transformed landscape.

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What factors contribute to this, and what can be done to improve the overall performance and effectiveness of the digital business transformation?

The truth is, there are many factors—including some that are difficult to control such as the rapid rate of technology change or fluctuating market conditions—but there are several intrinsic factors that can be addressed. These include:

  • The lack of alignment between front-/mid-/back-office on digitally-enabled ways of working
  • Product and support teams working in silos
  • The loss of key tacit/tribal knowledge of the digital transformation done by a partner when it is handed over to IT (internal or a third party) for support
    • Many times, the knowledge transition fails to capture the complexity of the digital platform—resulting in lower adoption and/or increased time to troubleshoot and resolve

While the business wants a partner that can deliver value, IT wants a partner that can reduce costs. One of the best ways to mitigate the above-mentioned factors and have a healthy balance between value and cost is to continue the important relationship with the team/partner who built and implemented the digital transformation work. This allows the business to focus on what it does best, while a trusted partner keeps the infrastructure and critical applications up and running—both securely and confidently.

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Stop the erosion of value

Loss of digital momentum is a key issue during the transition of a digital transformation initiative. When handed off to external partners or internal teams, there tends to be an immediate erosion of value, as the intrinsic knowledge of the system is diluted. This handoff is key to retaining value from the initial investment. This is where money is left on the table.

At Publicis Sapient, we offer Application and Infrastructure Management Services (AIMS) to sustain and enhance the value of your digital business transformation investments following system implementation. Not only do we bring deep business knowledge and technology expertise to modernize existing platforms and build new ones, but we also sustain our digital work post-implementation. In this capacity, we are able to:

Prevent the loss of knowledge

While our transformation teams possess deep domain and technical knowledge about the systems being built, we involve support engineers and other experts during the transformation stage in order to understand the digital platform inside out. This enables the maintenance of optimal performance by a subset of the transformation team and avoids any loss of knowledge.

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Resolve issues faster

You will experience better and faster issue resolution because the teams who built the system are the ones solving the issues. Our experts investigate, diagnose and resolve issues at speed leading to lower MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve).

Monitor system performance

We proactively monitor service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) and identify any issues with platform performance. And because we are regularly tracking performance and issues, we can identify improvement opportunities and continuously implement them.

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Bring the right tools/platforms

We bring the Sustain Engineering Platform (StEP) on top of the IT service management tool (ServiceNow or others) to provide a single pane of monitoring across the IT estate, create bots for automation, self-healing and shift left, automate cloud provisioning and proactively monitor business processes and KPIs.

With this continuity comes the benefit of a seamless user experience, both for users within the business and customers interacting with it through digital channels. The value opportunity in this regard is exponential.

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Take the next step in your digital transformation

The key to maximizing your investment in digital business transformation—and unlocking its full potential—lies in sustaining its digital momentum.

For more information on Publicis Sapient Application and Infrastructure Management Services (AIMS) or to learn how to unlock greater value from your digital business transformation, let’s connect.

Saket Singh
Saket Singh
Senior Vice President
Application & Infrastructure Management Services
Shriram Iyengar
Shriram Iyengar
Vice President – Business Development
Application & Infrastructure Management Services
Praveen Dehury
Praveen Dehury
Sr. Director and Global Head Sustain Engineering Solution,
Innovation and Quality

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