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Churn and Loyalty in Telecommunications

With similar product offerings and shared target audiences, competition is fierce within the telecommunications industry. To become a leader in the space, many businesses are unlocking new value by investing in customer experience enhancements.


Emerging technology enables the agile, forward-thinking telco to build predictive, personalized experiences that encourage customer retention. And as more businesses embrace smart tech to create meaningful customer connections, brand loyalty is becoming today’s top currency.


Get familiar with the latest perspectives on churn and loyalty below, and ask yourself: is your company doing what it takes to attract, engage and retain devoted customers?

happy consumer

How Telcos Can Drive Loyalty Through Customer Experience

Find out how omnichannel, customer-centric experiences can boost retention for telecommunications companies.

happy hands holding cell phones

How to Elevate Telco CX and Inspire Loyalty

Craft experiences that attract proud, long-time customers—and find out why offers and perks are just the beginning.

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Raj Shah
Raj Shah
Telecommunications, Media & Technology Lead, North America