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Celebrating 30 years of helping businesses stay relevant

Celebrating 30 years of helping businesses stay relevant

How can businesses close the gap between what consumers expect and what their current model can deliver? Publicis Sapient’s unique approach to strategy, technology and culture — along with our own 30 years of evolving — empowers our clients to develop the muscle of continuous change that’s required to remain relevant, now and next.

Reinventing Businesses—Then, Now and Next

We’ve helped businesses become and stay relevant by reinventing their categories with these digital firsts—and building in the flexibility to do it again and again.

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The Key to Relevance? Forget What You Know

Read the four qualities you need to succeed in digital business transformation and remain ever-relevant as technology, the market and customer expectations evolve.

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Decode the Digital DNA of Leading Businesses

How do our clients and other successful global businesses sustain competitive advantage in the digital age? Our CEO, Nigel Vaz, wrote the book on Digital Business Transformation.

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“The ability to adapt and transform to the rapid change brought about by digital, in order to remain relevant and protected from competitive risk, is crucial.”
Nigel Vaz
Nigel Vaz, Publicis Sapient CEO, “Digital Business Transformation”

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