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A female farmer looks empowered by the use of digital on her farm.

Global Agricultural Conglomerate

Transforming Farmer Experiences for a Global Ags Conglomerate

Maximizing the origination-to-delivery value chain.

Our client, a multinational agriculture corporation, was thriving in value-added products, and grain storage and transportation. However, their exponential growth magnified engagement and functional issues across their commercial plant operations and back-office, costing them time and money every day. Together, we identified the pain points across their origination-to-delivery value chain—using solutioning around CTRM and CRM—to unlock value for thousands of farmers and customers.

A man looks at a tablet in his hand during work hours in a farm.

The Imperative for Change

Breaks across our client's value chain resulted in incremental costs, outsized risks and inefficiencies in how employees engage internally and externally. A comprehensive reevaluation of the entire business was necessary to pinpoint high-impact strategies that would transform the technological ecosystem, improve transparency and foster cross-company collaboration. This would ultimately lead to distinctive experiences for both farmers and customers.

The Transformative Solution

We initiated our client's digital transformation journey accretive to their growth strategy, which involved smart solutioning of the Commodity, Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) and enhancing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Improving the technology ecosystem would allow farmers access to transparent pricing and a seamless order fulfillment process. 

Our teams also converted the company's technological imperatives into a feasible, prioritized and actionable five-year roadmap, encompassing these strategic pillars: 

  • Enhancing commodity supply planning and trading schemas
  • Personalizing digital marketing and raising brand awareness 
  • Optimizing operational excellence for back-office
  • Advancing sustainability imperatives
Two farmers in a field shake hands and smile. A tractor can be seen in thae background.

The Impact

By augmenting stakeholders' technical expertise and understanding the advantages of transforming CTRM and CRM architecture, the company can now efficiently scale, enhance employee experiences and elevate customer interactions. 

The newly incorporated digital strategies will revolutionize the company’s work culture, fostering collaboration between business and IT. They'll also enable business activities to evolve from a siloed approach to one centered on strategic deliverables—such as farmer trust, price transparency, order fulfillment and brand reputation.

Will Dusek
Will Dusek
Associate Managing Director
Toyyab Khan
Toyyab Khan
Senior Principal
Sidhartha Bhandari
Sidhartha Bhandari
Senior Director, Agile Program Management

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