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Enabling Sales Reps to Deliver Connected Digital Experiences. Transforming core systems for sales growth and efficiency.

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Enabling Sales Reps to Deliver Connected Digital Experiences

Transforming core systems for sales growth and efficiency.

A global leader in agriculture, energy and chemicals wanted to improve the everyday online interactions of their customers with their sales reps. Together, we modernized their digital ecosystem to deliver valuable operational and service enhancements.

The Imperative for Change

Our client had great assets: a strong brand, transformative products and a loyal customer base. But to remain an industry leader and ahead of the competition, the company needed to quickly launch online experiences.

To offer customers access to information and services, the existing customer service portal needed an upgrade to connect critical data sources to deliver real-time information.

Elsewhere, the sales and order fulfillment processes were inefficient, having relied on offline tools like spreadsheets to complete internal sales tasks—often risking the inability to understand current supply-to-control demand.

The Transformative Solution

Publicis Sapient modernized and upgraded our client's architecture by implementing Salesforce Experience, Sales and Custom Cloud to deliver connected digital experiences, fast.

To provide seamless data insights in real time, we integrated Salesforce with AWS, EBS and other third-party systems.

The internal sales representatives were enabled with an innovative mobile application, allowing them to plan and manage customers’ delivery routes faster and more efficiently.

Internal business processes were also modernized to increase efficiency and productivity, while communication channels for service representatives and customers were consolidated for a faster response rate.

The Impact

Transforming our client’s digital ecosystem made room for positive changes in operations, services and customer experience.

The sales teams were able to proactively maintain relationships and increase revenue using improved tools for managing customers, touchpoints and forecasting— in addition to integrating key enterprise systems that reduced redundancy and smoothed operations.

The upgraded systems earned our client new customers and a larger ROI by enabling smarter, faster and more efficient product sales.

Overall, with this digital transformation, our client kept their position as a global leader while creating more value for their employees and customers.

Megan Wilson
Megan Wilson
Senior Product Manager
Nikhil Kulkarni
Nikhil Kulkarni
Senior Product Manager