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Putting Customers and Employees at the Heart of Commerce

How a global skincare company created a seamless B2B commerce experience.

Held back by a legacy commerce platform, our client sought a solution fit for the future, specifically designed to meet the needs of both customers and employees.

The Imperative for Change

Customers of the client—dermatologists, spas, aestheticians, schools—sought a DTC-like commerce experience, a digital journey designed to make tasks easier as well as provide training on skincare products.

Sales and support teams backed this idea, seeking a simpler way to look after customer accounts as well as the ability to manage customer education across a wide portfolio of brands.

The Transformative Solution

We quickly set to work defining a clear future-state vision, focusing on how customers and employees might engage with each other within the system, connecting siloes with an onus on friction reduction wherever possible.

Once in the discovery phase, we progressed to working alongside a particular pair of brands to determine the core capabilities, technical functionalities and design experiences required to deliver on the B2B commerce and education elements of the project.

These ideas shaped a vision of B2B commerce transformation aligned with a defined commerce and education MVP experience, a renewed technology architecture and an implementation plan to support the shift in experience, process and platform—ultimately designed to facilitate direct sales to customers.

The Impact

The first release is now live, marking stage one in a broader transformation roadmap with the group.
This new unified experience brings together commerce and education, enhancing the buyer experience, optimizing and streamlining both customer and employee journeys as well as customer self-service capabilities. Automation underpins a rapid and cost-effective platform, improving speed-to-market. The redesigned technical architecture system has increased development efficiencies and reduced cost-to-serve.

A fresh strategy for insight gathering enables greater agility across the entire organization.

The longer-term partnership includes plans to onboard additional portfolio brands. The solution will empower the organization to become strategic sales partners with B2B customers.

Now, not only is our client is seeing cost efficiencies of 30%, but customers can get what they want when they want it—all in the one place.

Kendra Koder
Kendra Koder
Senior Client Partner