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How SCB TechX Unleashed Innovation to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

XPlatform, a one-stop cloud and DevOps solution, fuels transformation.

SCBX Group, an innovative financial technology business consortium that includes Siam Commercial Bank and other companies, collaborated with Publicis Sapient to launch a groundbreaking joint venture called SCB TechX. This ambitious initiative is dedicated to developing cutting-edge digital banking products and services, positioning SCB subsidiaries at the forefront of cloud innovation.

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The Imperative for Change

Tasked with the goal of becoming the regional financial technology powerhouse, SCB Group aimed to rival digital natives in customer-centricity and operational efficiency. Their strategy involved monetizing their tech stack across diverse verticals to build customer loyalty, attract new audiences, and alleviate the cost of living for Bangkok consumers. This drive underscored the paramount need for strategic DevSecOps, FinOps processes, and a standardized, cloud-agnostic platform for AI capabilities.

The Transformative Solution

Publicis Sapient co-developed the XPlatform with TechX—a managed multi-cloud engineering ecosystem—through collaborative workshops using agile methodologies. This empowers SCB subsidiaries to accelerate their cloud adoption journey, seamlessly run workloads, and develop cloud-native applications.

XPlatform streamlines developer processes with a self-service portal, reducing complexities, increasing efficiencies, expediting onboarding, and speeding up time to delivery. Rigorous FinOps processes were designed and implemented to ensure cost monitoring, optimization, and compliance with industry standards.

Central to SCB's transformation is an integrated DevSecOps pipeline with 70+ tools for streamlined service creation and management. Configurable AWS landing zones, equipped with pre-defined security controls, ensure a secure foundation.

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The Impact

The impact of the partnership between Publicis Sapient and SCB TechX resonates far beyond the technical achievements, ushering in a cultural shift in the organization that embraces digital transformation.

This transformation extends to an elevated brand reputation and increased customer satisfaction, with positive feedback from customers and employees alike. The decrease in manual processes, incidents and downtime has paved the way for a more resilient and agile operation.

What’s more, the adoption of DevOps and Agile methodologies, along with the implementation of FinOps processes, has not only improved the efficiency of development but has also drastically reduced costs, with potential savings of $2M THB per application. The developer experience has also been transformed with streamlined onboarding processes and increased independence through self-service portals.

SCB subsidiaries’ applications enabled
reduction in DevOps efforts
improvement in cost efficiency
reduction in infrastructure setup time
Tarun Raja
Tarun Raja
VP Agile Program Management
Tyler Munoz
Tyler Munoz
Senior Client Partner, ASEAN

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