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How RWE Generation IT Embraced Agile Transformation

Transforming digital operations in the energy industry

RWE Generation IT wanted to stay ahead of the curve in today’s volatile and increasingly digital world. With a mission centered on delivering innovative technology solutions that lead the way in sustainable energy production, the company turned to Publicis Sapient. Together, we embarked on a transformative journey, adopting an agile, value-driven mindset to redefine their digital strategy and operational approach.

The Imperative for Change

In the shift from conventional delivery to agile methodologies, RWE Generation IT faced a challenge: operations were stuck between two worlds, not fully adopting either approach. To address this, they sought to redefine team structure, roles and responsibilities. Their goal? To foster agile practices, instill an agile mindset and prioritize adaptability, continuous improvement and collaboration.

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The Transformative Solution

Combining strengths, we formed an integrated team of experts dedicated to implementing agile and innovative methodologies while fostering a culture of collaboration. This involved in-depth research to gather insights on existing obstacles, leading to the development of a strategic framework aimed at overcoming these obstacles and realizing long-term objectives. Our partnership enabled us to instill a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that our strategies evolved in tandem with the organization's evolving needs. By embracing an interactive mentoring approach and promoting a test-and-learn mindset, the strategy was continuously refined, ultimately delivering a successful transformation for RWE Generation IT. As their partner of choice, we played a pivotal role in making this transformation a reality.

“Your flexible approach is highly appreciated by us! You brought us now to the point where we have to commit for testing the implementation of many recommendations. That’s a good position to be in.”
Colin Hudgell
Colin Hudgell, Head of IT (GFI), RWE Generation UK PLC

The Impact

The partnership with Publicis Sapient marked a significant turning point for the organization, propelling them from a cost-centric mindset to one focused on value and agility. Now, their operations prioritize speed and efficiency, ensuring they remain agile in today's digital world.


Through targeted efforts, processes were revamped, teams were restructured and there was a notable uptick in overall performance. The organizational culture now champions innovation, teamwork and ongoing learning.


Embracing a consultative, collaborative ethos, RWE Generation IT underwent a profound cultural transformation—a shift from conventional IT to a more interactive, cooperative paradigm, setting the stage for continued growth and success.

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Joana Ristau
Joana Ristau
Senior Client Partner Energy & Commodities