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The Strategic Guide for Digital Transformation in Utilities

Over the last several years, the utilities sector has experienced dramatic swings in both supply and demand, a reality that has put pressure on networks and grids. At the same time, growing investment in renewable sources of energy, decarbonization initiatives and regulations have added complexity to the sector, introduced evolving challenges and created new opportunities.

Now more than ever, utilities organizations must adapt to this ever-changing landscape with the help of digital transformation. Though digital transformation enables adaptation, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Consequently, companies must strategize to determine which solutions and tools are right for them—and how they can best use them to optimize business outcomes and customer impact.

This guide equips utilities organizations with the knowledge they need to build a strategy around digital transformation. It outlines actionable and practical steps—from ideation to execution—that an organization can take to adopt and implement a solution-oriented digital strategy.

Download the guide to discover impactful strategies that connect where an organization is now to where it aims to be tomorrow. A sound digital strategy for utilities transformation future-proofs organizations and helps them develop the agility and adaptability that they will need to weather a business climate that is in a period of transition.

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