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Falabella Group

How CDP Transformed Falabella’s Data-Driven Retail Journey

Falabella Group is a leading global Retail and Financial services company with over 100 years of legacy. To achieve their vision of "One Company and One Customer," they partnered with Publicis Sapient to develop a scalable customer data platform (CDP) unifying shopper data to deliver 360-degree insights and superior brand experiences.

The imperative for change

The imperative for change

When approaching their goal, Falabella Group realized they faced a major problem. Siloed data across the business made it difficult to manage customer engagement and growth. To solve this, they envisioned a CDP that integrated and enriched customer data under one unified platform, fueling their transformation strategy.

The transformative solution

Publicis Sapient built a custom CDP solution leveraging Google Cloud Platform. The solution solved for several areas of data transformation, including:

  • Data ingestion, transformation, consumption and entities unification
  • Modular/customizable machine learning, logging/monitoring, scheduling, DevOps and test automation frameworks
  • Customer 360 applications, including customer unification/profile, order, product and transactional analysis
  • A cloud agnostic/self-service custom ML to perform predictive data analytics, measure customer lifetime value, product and channel affinity for acquisition, personalization and retention
The transformative solution

Business impact

Powered by the customer insights that the CDP provides, Falabella has already started to identify and activate strategies to realize tangible business benefits through improved marketing effectiveness – reducing customer churn, providing best customer offers and superior personalization. 

The CDP solution has laid a solid foundation for Falabella to accelerate their journey to become a true Algorithmic Retailer, with the ability to extend data-driven culture to other areas of its business and drive sustained growth through competitive advantage, enhanced customer-brand connection and improved profitability.

"Publicis Sapient has been an amazing partner in the data-led transformation at Falabella. Their expertise, people, partners and accelerators delivered a world-class CDP on the same week as originally forecast despite global challenges and COVID-19. Their work has delivered millions in business benefits to Falabella Group today, and serves as a strategic foundation for us for the next decade."
Tomás Gazmuri, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Falabella Group