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Web Application Modernization

Web Application Modernization is a solution that prepares businesses for rapid innovation at scale through strategic code refactoring.

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By leveraging the best design principles and cloud-native technologies, we help companies restructure traditional legacy applications so they can innovate faster and cut capital and operational expenditures.

Publicis Sapient helps businesses migrate their technological infrastructure into Microsoft’s flexible, reliable and efficient Azure environment.

Businesses already know how expensive it is for IT to maintain legacy software systems. That money would be better spent modernizing those systems so they ran smoothly and efficiently.

Microsoft research indicates that migrating legacy applications to platform-as-aservice (PaaS) environments yields 466 percent return on investment with 80 percent time saved and 50 percent faster deployments. Similarly, by moving to containerized environments IT teams can support 13 times more releases, 10 times cost reduction, 65 percent faster developer onboarding and 62 percent better availability.

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The business world has embraced the cloud in part because of the related reductions in infrastructure costs. But many companies are still unprepared for handling the faster innovation, increased agility and expanded value pool that come with cloud technologies.

To stay relevant and competitive, modern web applications need to change quickly and should be supported by modular design, automated deployment and datadriven monitoring. Application development teams should be spending their time focused on business logic and potential features for the current market — not finding workarounds for limited architecture.

Phil Phelan Quote: The ambition of cloud transformation is to build new tools that reshape business reality for our clients. What speed and scale are really possible when not encumbered by legacy? What new business models can be built? What experiences can now be created? Legacy infrastructure has shaped what organizations think is possible. Our approach is to ensure we create what is possible, not just migrate what was possible.

Web Application Modernization transforms rigid legacy web and mobile applications by applying following modern design principles:

  • Customizable platform – Built-in infrastructure maintenance, security patching and scaling
  • Deployment automation – Fully automated CI/CD integration with zero downtime when new features are launched
  • Ease of integration – Capable of running in isolated environments or integrated into other applications
  • Robust security – Strong security and compliance standards, including SOC and PCI, for cloud and on-premise environments
  • Site reliability – Greater control over sites thanks to real-time metrics

Web Application Modernization has already made its mark on the world of finance. Renowned and noteworthy innovators in this space have taken advantage of this solution to unlock new possibilities for the industry.

Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank (AGBT), a joint venture between AGTB Holdings and Mubadala Investment, made history by becoming the world’s first fully digital trade finance bank. And AGBT accomplished all this quickly. It only took a few months for the concept of an end-to-end digital bank to become a reality.

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