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Download: Enhancing Customer Loyalty in the U.S. Property and Casualty Insurance Industry

Actionable insights to increase the perception of value provided to customers and earn their loyalty

Customer loyalty remains a significant challenge in the fiercely competitive landscape of property and casualty insurance. Despite the fundamental role insurance plays in safeguarding individuals and their assets, our survey report highlights a stark reality: a significant gap in perceived value beyond basic insurance policies.

Economic pressures and recent carrier exits from states like California and Florida have ignited a surge in insurance shopping, especially in auto and home segments, demanding a targeted retention strategy.

As skepticism among consumers lingers, how can insurers effectively cultivate and sustain customer loyalty in an increasingly volatile and competitive market? And what insights can be gleaned from loyalty programs in other industries to revolutionize the insurance sector?

Unlock the report: property and casualty insurers must prioritize customer loyalty

In this report, we examine the potential impact of personalized loyalty programs, revealing the untapped potential within the industry. Download the full report and discover:

  • The importance of customer retention in the insurance sector
  • Consumer behavior and economic pressures
  • Reasons why consumers are switching insurance providers
  • Challenges in satisfaction and loyalty
  • Actionable recommendations for insurers to provide additional value-added services

Download the report:

Gain critical insights into fostering customer loyalty in the property and casualty insurance market and discover strategies to keep pace in a competitive market

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Mike Chiaramonte
Mike Chiaramonte
Senior Principal, Strategy
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Brian Landau
Associate Managing Director, Strategy