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Future of Composable Commerce with Salesforce

Retailers need to have the agility to leverage composability and a modern architecture while requiring the robust capabilities and dependability of a platform like Salesforce in today’s competitive environment.

Jon Panella
Jon Panella

What does it deliver?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows for a robust commerce ecosystem for retailers as requirements become more complex and nuanced. Commerce Cloud offers a Composable Storefront for headless commerce and pre-built packages with best-of- breed partners to accelerate time to market and reduce risk. This is a great benefit to existing Salesforce customers looking to extend their Commerce Cloud investment with compatible technologies. New Commerce Cloud customers will also benefit from the power of Commerce Cloud plus the flexibility and modern technologies of other headless add-ons to create a unique architecture.

Commerce Cloud (along with the rest of the Salesforce cloud offerings) provides companies with a proven set of solutions to address most functional needs while delivering a flexible integration architecture to leverage best-in-class third-party products. Through this offering, Publicis Sapient provides pre-built integrations for Algolia for intelligent search and Amplience for experience management as the first components of this integration approach.


How can Commerce Cloud + Composable architecture help your business differentiate?

Today’s retailers need to transform to a modern architectural paradigm to not only thrive, but survive. A big bang approach of moving to a fully cloud-native, microservices solution is not realistic while trying to drive (and grow) revenue without immense risk. Taking an evolutionary approach is critical for success.

Moving to a headless solution is not just a buzzword—it is a key, future-proof strategy. Going headless in a composable model provides the following benefits to retailers:

  • More control over the experience

  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • Support of multiple business models, brands, regions and customer types

  • Faster time to market for new releases and enhancements

  • True Omnichannel experiences across Web, Mobile, InStore, etc.

  • Hyper-personalized customer experiences to improve engagement

  • API-first approach allowing for a much easier transition between third-party solutions

The integrations of Amplience and Algolia are just the first in a series of integrations that we will make available from a composable perspective as needs arise. We have already proven this extensible methodology through our RACE (Rapid Accelerator for Commerce Engineering) solution, which provides many traditional integrations to Commerce Cloud using industry best practices based on our wide array of clients in the space. These composable elements will help to enhance our offerings as we continue to demonstrate our commitment to investing in the Commerce Cloud roadmap.


"Salesforce is pleased to work with Publicis Sapient to unleash the power of Commerce Cloud through a composable architecture with this offering and with Algolia and Amplience to address the needs of the largest and most complex retailers in the industry. This solution will provide our joint clients with the ability to be more agile while enabling enhanced customer experiences."
Andy Peebler, VP Product GTM, Commerce Cloud at Salesforce


Why Publicis Sapient?

  • We are part of the global Publicis Groupe, which empowers us with a broad set of digital business transformation, creative and media capabilities.

  • We are the leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud digital agency globally and have been on the Commerce Cloud advisory board since its inception driving the direction of the platform.

  • Over 1/3 of all revenue generated via commercially available commerce platforms in the IR 1000 is through solutions designed, implemented and/or supported by us.

  • We are a Commerce Cloud Link partner, providing us the expertise on how to integrate third-party solutions into Commerce Cloud in a best-in-class manner.

  • We are experts in Modern Composable Architecture, helping dozens of our clients move to a services-based ecosystem in an evolutionary rather than revolutionary approach.

  • Over 30 of the top 100 retailers globally utilize Publicis Sapient to drive their digital commerce business.

  • More than 39% of all North American online retail revenue runs through a platform on systems designed, built or supported by Publicis Sapient.

  • The average increase in revenues during COVID (from Q2 2020 on) from commerce experiences designed and built by Publicis Sapient was approximately 230%


Jon Panella
Jon Panella
Group Vice President of Customer Experience Platform Practice


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