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Accelerating the digital business transformation with engineering and automation, focusing on customer value, speed and quality

  • DevOps Engineering Maturity Assessment & Strategy

    We assist organizations in their continuous DevOps journey to define desired maturity goals, assess & benchmark their current state with the desired state backed with actionable insights, to help you retain competitive edge.

  • Full stack Observability – Comprehensive monitoring, logging and alerting

    By utilizing best practices for logging and monitoring, logging information, we deliver Comprehensive Reporting And Dashboarding that helps continuously monitor your application & infrastructure performance with meaningful insights.

  • Hosting standardization, Infra as a Code & Configuration Management

    We advocate organizations embrace a cloud-first strategy to unlock many benefits, including data security, disaster recovery, and cost savings. Striking an optimal balance between virtualization & Container orchestration backed by IaC & Config Management tools, we can build and manage infrastructure at a scale at a much faster pace. Leveraging our accelerators for on-demand infrastructure, we can provide cost & effort savings back to our customers.

  • Agile DevSecOps

    We are firm believers in the zero-trust strategy & integration of security as a shared responsibility. With “Shift left” as our mantra & the need to emphasize building a secure foundation at the core of DevOps initiatives -  we ensure to bake in security at every phase of SDLC.

  • Continuous Integration, Deployment & Delivery

    We foster outcome-based product centric delivery strategy to deliver at the pace of your business by enabling agility, flexibility & reliability. We believe continuous evolution is the key. We make this possible by leveraging the best of your business, development & Operations teams.

  • Code Management & standardization

    We advocate Industry standards best practices around Code Quality Management & Governance thus helping to elevate developer productivity by 10x.

  • To simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploy application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring application and infrastructure performance, we use various AWS services including AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodeCommit, CodeStar, Lambda, OpsWorks, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Container Service etc.

Nancy Silver
Nancy Silver
Vice President, Business Development AWS Partnership
Mohammad Wasim
Mohammad Wasim
Group Vice President, Global AWS Alliance Lead

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