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Press Release

Uniper Announces a Partnership with Publicis.Sapient

Publicis.Sapient, the technology consulting arm of Publicis Groupe has announced a new partnership with Uniper, Germany’s leading energy generation company.


Information Age

Publish Date

July 23, 2018


Andrew Ross

In their statement, a spokesperson for Publicis.Sapient said: “The partnership is a vital step forward in world-class energy and engineering innovation, and will optimise Uniper’s delivery of strategic business transformation so that it is integrated with the connected services world.”

“It will act as a stepping stone toward agile empowerment and innovative business solutions.”

Uniper and Publicis.Sapient has also unveiled the B2B portal ‘Enerlytics’ as the platform through which its client-centric digital transformation will be realised.

Enerlytics will host all applications to support Uniper’s portfolio of client services, such as condition monitoring, performance management, risk management and maintenance planning.

Pete Davies, Head of Software Engineering & Data Science at Uniper, said: “Enerlytics brings to the market a newly developed digital business strategy that will disrupt our business chain so that it meets the requirements of today’s modern world. Supporting all aspects of the value chain, such as condition monitoring, performance management, risk management and maintenance planning, this platform will be critical in providing the most efficient service.”

Adam Spalek, Director of Business Consulting at Publicis.Sapient, added: “The energy and utilities sector is rapidly developing due to technological advancements, and we encourage all our clients to rethink and evolve their business models in order to keep pace with such change. As a leader in the development and delivery of digital business transformation through radical customer focus and insight, Publicis.Sapient is proud to help Uniper to advance its business offering, and we are excited to see the company thrive as it adapts to today’s digital-first business world.”

A Uniper client using Enerlytics said: “This new platform has been integral to our business model. With operations spanning across the globe, using Enerlytics enabled us to track operations easily and ensure we were maximising the energy opportunities available for a broader global audience. The energy industry needs to transform and platforms such as Enerlytics will help us as we move to invest in alternative and effective ways of generating power.”