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Press Release

Publicis.Sapient Unveils Beautiful Live-Data Art Installation

To help envision the data-empowered future for consumers and brands

*Note: Publicis.Sapient is now Publicis Sapient as of February 13, 2019.

June 4, 2018 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Publicis.Sapient, the world’s most advanced digital transformation company, has unveiled an immersive live-data experience, the ‘Open Futures databloom’, at Money 20/20 Europe, the leading financial services innovation showcase.

Visitors to the installation are able to step into a three-dimensional space created by their own data and the data of previous participants. As the conference progresses over three days the data space will grow and develop organically to build a beautiful display of data in its ‘untamed’ state. The installation then progresses to show how data is even more beautiful, and powerful, when it is organised around an individual.

Recent revelations around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have highlighted how important it is that people are in charge of their own data and given the tools to manage it and unlock the potential value it has for them.

Publicis.Sapient is a leader in the development and delivery of digital business transformation through radical customer focus and insight. Helping to create the businesses of the future means truly understanding how consumers will behave in a data-empowered world and the radically different services they will expect.

“The shift from ‘Bank First’ to ‘Life First’, from product push to customer-centric experiences where clients own their data, will require banks to act in very different ways. This new world of intelligent data exchange will unlock huge value for consumer but has the potential to fundamentally challenge the brands and business models of long-established sector-leading companies,” commented David Murphy, senior vice president and FS EMEA lead at Publicis.Sapient.

Our installation at Money 2020 questions what this could mean for the future of financial services and the challenges this open data future brings. Some companies will simply become data donors, others can become central to a person’s data identity. Companies from across sectors will be forced by consumers to become collaborator-competitors on their behalf.”

The Money 20/20 installation from Publicis.Sapient uses the latest in data visualisation techniques to create a compelling immersive experience. The installation consists of two rooms – the Open Room and the Future Room. The Open Room houses the ‘data chaos’ space that grows as more visitors to the exhibition share their data. Through a unique hand-held controller, users can choose to automatically share basic biometric data such as pulse, height and clothing colour. These data points are used to grow a unique Open Futures databloom for each participant then added to the growing data cloud, which flows around the room.

The adjoining Future Room shows how data can be even more beautiful and powerful when it’s organised around an individual. Through a series of case studies from three years in the future the room demonstrates the innovative and exciting services available to people when they can exchange data from different brands in a way that is unique to them. An example is the ability to layer data from a financial lender and an energy company to help underwrite a larger mortgage for a house whose solar panels can provide a predictable long-term income.


About Publicis.Sapient

Publicis.Sapient, the digital business transformation hub of Publicis Groupe, helps clients drive growth and efficiency and evolve the ways they work, in a world where consumer behaviour and technology are catalysing social and commercial change at an unprecedented pace. With 19,000 people and over 100 offices around the globe, our expertise spanning technology, data sciences, consulting and creative combined with our culture of innovation enables us to deliver on complex transformation initiatives that accelerate our clients’ businesses through creating the products and services their customers expect. For more information, visit

About Open Futures databloom

Open Futures is a thought leadership platform, curated by Publicis.Sapient to examine the implications of the open data future prompted by the recent European Open Banking legislation that compelled banks to make their data available to trusted third parties once requested by customers. For more information visit

The Open Futures databloom is a metaphor for a people-centric data world, one that has been brought to life through cutting-edge immerse technologies.