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Illustration of content supply chain components

Revolutionize Your Content Supply Chain with AI and Gen AI Capabilities


As brands strive for personalization and global outreach, there is increasing pressure on content and marketing operations.


In our experience working with clients, we have discovered the following: 

  • The number of supported channels, devices and formats is rapidly increasing, making it more challenging to share and reuse content effectively.
  • Content workflows are often complex, disjointed and linear, which makes it difficult to manage limited resources in a predictable manner.
  • Customers now expect more personalized and localized experiences, which requires creating and managing a greater number of content variations.
  • There is a growing pressure to optimize spending and demonstrate the impact of content in order to meet business goals.


Many brands experience disconnected and fragmented content processes, which can result in inefficiencies within the overall content supply chain.

Illustration of components of content process and business impacts

In order to deliver effective content, marketing operations need to be more efficient across the entire content lifecycle. Achieving this efficiency will require process optimization, technology modernization, automation, and integration across key capabilities.

Illustration of key capabilities spanning the entire content lifecycle, form planning to activation.

To deliver an intelligent content supply chain, it is essential to connect data, content, and activation.  This should be supported by an agile operating model that spans the entire content lifecycle, from planning to activation.

Supercharging your activation to realize benefits

By injecting AI/Gen AI capabilities at appropriate points you can supercharge your activation resulting in the ability to deliver significant benefits across the content supply chain.

: Illustration of six benefits realized across the content supply chain

Our impact with clients

Together with Adobe we helped a leading Insurance Provider in the US leverage Workfront to optimize collaboration about SEO, Content Leads, Legal, and other stakeholders, resulting in improved efficiency and content delivery.


Streamlining Content Proof Approvals for Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency

Image of client case study for leading insurance provider in US spotlighting imperative for change, transformative solution and business impact.

It’s not just about efficiency. It’s about enabling your marketers to focus on the outcomes rather than the process.

Connect with our team to learn how we are working with our clients who are realizing value and results

Dana Decker
Dana Decker
Director, Business Development, Adobe Practice

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