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Energy & Commodities

The ETRM Transformation Playbook

Complexity and volatility are the new normal in the energy sector. This uncertainty only increases pressure on energy trading and risk management (ETRM) systems and their ability to adapt in an ever-changing landscape.

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Publicis Sapient partnered with Microsoft to create a playbook to identify the challenges ETRM systems face—and to demonstrate how new digital architecture can help organizations transform and find opportunities in those challenges.

Some of the challenges that existing ETRM architecture faces include inefficiency and inflexibility, especially under the weight of mounting external and internal pressures. Consequently, these systems cannot quickly adapt to shifting needs, priorities and market conditions. At the same time, data silos and manual processes needlessly partition information, stymie workflows and hinder collaboration.

To address these legacy and emerging challenges, this playbook outlines opportunities for even greater outcomes. One high-ROI solution that digitally transforms and empowers organizations is ETRM modernization, which prepares businesses to face current and future challenges with speed and confidence. Data-centric and integrated, ETRM modernization aims to reduce friction points and enhance agility, visibility, efficiency, collaboration and innovation, all of which drive value while reducing disruption.


Learn more about how to unlock value through digital business transformation—and how Publicis Sapient can help you embrace the future today.

David Ramsey
David Ramsey
Senior Director, Microsoft Practice

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