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Data Monetization

Turning Data into Dollars

Any company with a loyal customer base can create a new revenue stream with improved experiences through data monetization. With first-party data, businesses can monetize both their onsite digital and physical properties and their offsite experiences. Monetization goes far beyond media networks to include opportunities like loyalty programs, personalization, supply chain and other enterprise optimizations.

Publicis Sapient allows businesses to create net new revenue without incurring additional costs by leveraging a fully outsourced model. Our data monetization platform allows organizations to monetize data by establishing an integrated marketing, advertising, and commerce technology platform on their digital properties

Companies across nearly every industry stand to benefit. For example:

  • Banks can better personalize experiences and offers based on implied preferences
  • Hotels can monetize data from customer loyalty programs and leverage signage and other experiences
  • Retailers can better target advertising spend with partners to drive joint value creation and offers
  • Oil and gas companies can leverage data from service stations to reach new customers and improve supply chain

How does it work?

Publicis Sapient helps with the end-to-end data monetization process—from strategy to technology build, marketplace access, and managing operations. Once we establish the platform, we turn data monetization into an automated process. Our holistic services include:

  • A go-to-market strategy based on insights and proven monetization strategies
  • A business case to demonstrate how value will be generated to deliver on the stated goals
  • A blueprint of the future state of adtech/martech/commerce stacks
  • Future team staffing and operating models with advertisers along with owned brands
  • A closed-loop measurement approach through deterministic and probabilistic matching
  • Strategy

    Creating an optimal approach to data monetization.


    Designing, building and implementing the solution, includes digital signage.

    Marketplace Access

    Connecting the data to the marketplace so client can sell to advertisers.

    Management & Operations

    Managing the monetization solution.

Key Deliverables

  • Future state solution architecture

    Consumer journeys

    Revenue projections total & per channel

Why Publicis Sapient?

We provide guidance and expertise in media and data sales and go-to-market strategies for our clients to optimize and enhance their own media network.

Because of our expertise, we can build a media network foundation technology for key use cases in weeks, not months, using pre-packaged components and our data engineering team.

  • We are part of the global Publicis Groupe, which empowers us with a broad set of digital business transformation, creative and media capabilities
  • We use several accelerators that allow us to deliver solutions quickly, speeding time to value
  • We have expertise across the Google ecosystem and can create solutions that connect these technologies in unique ways: Google Cloud, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads
  • We are willing to put our fees at risk and create a win-win profit sharing arrangement with our clients
Sharonyka Kumar
Sharonyka Kumar
Group Vice President, Global Head of Google Practice at Publicis Sapient

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