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Wealth Management

Unlock Opportunity Amid Rapid Change


The world of wealth management is on the verge of a massive paradigm shift. Roughly one third of advisers are set to retire this decade as Baby Boomers transfer their life savings over to younger generations. Evolving customer demographics, expectations and behaviors require new digital tools, strategies and experiences to sustain relevance and growth.


Three Pillars of Success in the New Era

To capitalize on opportunities in this new environment, wealth management firms need to identify the key business elements requiring attention. These can be distilled into three distinct categories:

Where to invest

Promising Technologies

Any vision for digital excellence is incomplete without a roadmap toward digital maturity. In wealth management, organizations need to strike the right balance between customer-facing AI solutions like robotic advisers and genuine human interactions. With a healthy mix, customers would get answers in the fastest, most reliable ways possible without creating bottlenecks and straining adviser bandwidth.

But it’s not just about what the customer sees. Some of the most substantive changes any wealth management firm can make to improve these experiences happen behind the scenes. That’s because the kind of service that attracts and retains customers requires digital maturity. Legacy systems need to be updated.

With the right roadmap for digital transformation, wealth management firms can optimize the productivity of their staff and technologies to ensure profit and reliability. To help wealth management firms assess and improve their level of digital maturity, Publicis Sapient offers a wide range of solutions, including:

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