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Generative AI: Using artificial intelligence to make human impact.Learn how

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Generative AI

Wealth Management Accelerator (WMX): AI-Powered Solution for Wealth Advisors

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your wealth management practice and enhance client satisfaction through GenAI.

Introducing WMX: Our AI-powered solution for wealth advisors

Wealth management is complex. Advisors juggle vast amounts of information, and client data is scattered across multiple systems. Extracting meaningful insights from this chaos can be challenging.

Enter WMX, our Wealth Management Accelerator.

Powered by generative AI, WMX provides a unified conversational interface that allows advisors to query documents and client data using natural language. By applying generative AI, WMX transforms mountains of documentation and client data, plus past behavior, into valuable insights, significantly enhancing advisors ability to drive actionable insights.

An animation showing various different WMX dashboards flashing up on a laptop screen.

Key capabilities

  • Q&A

    Ask WMX a question on the data it had ingested, and it will give you an answer in plain English.


    Summarize research findings based on natural language inputs.

    Client insights

    Query the client’s financial information in natural language.

    Semantic search and ranking

    Get contextual search results for text-based queries and rank them based on established criteria.

  • Role and permission-based search

    Control access to documents and results data.

    Type-ahead (autocomplete)

    Receive suggestions as users type in their query.

    Legal and compliance check

    Pre- and post-processing of responses from a legal and compliance perspective.

    Content ingestion

    Ingest unstructured documents incrementally, indexing for contextual search.

Ready to transform your wealth management workflow?

Ankur Kumar
Ankur Kumar
Senior Director Technology
Manish Moorjani
Manish Moorjani
Senior Director of Product Management