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Which Categories Will You Enter in 2022?

Whether you’re a startup, a software company, or an individual, we want to hear about your work in EnergyTech. Which categories will you enter? Check out the 2021 criteria below.

  • Best CleanTech

    This award is looking for fresh CleanTech ideas. Enter this category if you’re using digital technologies (web, mobile, data, IA, AR/VR, blockchain) to innovate in the B2C space (home) or in the B2B space (building and industry).

    For example, to reduce energy consumption, increase the usage of clean energy or the life of energy assets, or improve energy efficiency.

    Judging criteria will include:

    • Originality of the idea
    • Impact on the environment, on society and on users
    • Potential value generated as a business
    • Scalability
    • The potential market
    • The go-to-market

    Best EV Customer Solution

    We’re looking for holistic technology solutions that help more people benefit from and use an Electric Vehicle, as opposed to the technology within the vehicle itself. Innovations around payments for charging, search, smart facilities – even a complete shake up of the business model or the charging facility. Or an idea that helps fund the installation of charging facilities. Tell us all about it and you could be the category winner...

    Judging criteria will include:

    • How much it helps EV drivers or home/business owners
    • Extendibility and scalability of the idea
    • Commercial prospects and opportunities
    • How data is leveraged
    • How it shifts the current infrastructure

    Best Mobile Customer Experience

    Has or is your mobile app going to make a big impact in the energy industry? Is it creating a new experience for energy customers, bringing to life new data, content and functionality? Have you created something completely new that will delight and engage your users? Share your journey, and your supporting material and you could become our winner.

    Judging criteria will include:

    • Service innovation
    • Originality in problem solving
    • Interface design, usability and accessibility
    • Representation of the brand
    • Business impact
    • Bringing to life new data, content or functionality
    • Quality of platform execution (web, iOS and Android)
    • “Moments of delight” for the user
  • Best Solution in Energy Trading

    We’re looking for tech aimed at supply, trading, operations or risk management. Next generation systems, platforms and applications that are keeping the world’s energy moving. In your application, please explain what new or emerging need your product caters for, the scope, whether it complements/substitutes existing solutions and what stage of the development lifecycle you’re currently in.

    Judging criteria will include:

    • Transparency
    • Automation
    • Market efficiency
    • Productivity
    • User experience
    • Use of digital in a creative and innovative way
    • How it complements/betters existing solutions

    Best Use of Data & Insights

    This award is open to those using structured, unstructured and streaming data in an innovative way within the Energy Industry. Customer data, third-party data or...any data. We’d love to understand how the data was generated, whether it was combined with/its correlation to other data and how well your tool can extrapolate data and close any data gaps that might delay results. Plus, see any results you’ve uncovered.

    Judging criteria will include:

    • Innovative use of data
    • Ease of data extrapolation
    • Ease of use for generation
    • Availability
    • Re-use of data
    • Reliability of forecasting and predictions
    • Good navigation experience
    • Implications of results

    Best Smart Network Solution

    We want to see new products and technologies that will help energy networks (transmission and distribution) remain reliable, safe and efficient against the backdrop of changing customer preferences, the energy transition and society’s broader shift towards a low carbon economy. This award will recognize new solutions that have the potential to create sustainable benefits for energy customers, networks and the broader system. Could you be our winner?

    Judging criteria will include:

    • Benefits to energy customers
    • Benefits to energy networks, their shareholders and other energy system participants
    • Product and technology scalability
    • Contribution to network resilience, reliability and security
    • Contribution to sustainability
  • Standout Performer

    The winner of this category will be selected from all relevant entries. It will be the one standout innovation that the judging panel feels deserves attention and recognition.

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