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Modern Engineering at Lloyds Banking Group

The use of modern software development methods is drastically increasing the rate of software delivery among traditional banks and breaking the view that they can only deliver software every few months. In this exclusive conversation, Publicis Sapient’s VP Technology, Engineering, Pinak Kiran Vedalankar and Peter Crouch, Engineering Lead, Consumer Servicing at Lloyds Banking Group, explored the impact and practices of modern engineering, specifically:

  • how Lloyds Banking Group applied a practical application of modern engineering in the Consumer Servicing Value Stream
  • the modern engineering principles that can help you and your organisation adapt to our changing world
  • how to keep your skills relevant
  • how to determine whether you are clear on your products and how they deliver value to the customers

In a world having to adapt and re-adapt to a unique set of upheavals and challenges, this is a timely discussion between two experienced practitioners operating at the centre of a constantly changing banking ecosystem.

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