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How a New Digital Platform Re-energized Uniper’s Business Model
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Publicis Sapient took an outcome-driven approach to help Uniper parlay its engineering expertise in power plant maintenance and operations into a portfolio of digital offerings. Our cross-functional team developed and delivered against a customer-centric strategy for serving large industrial clients, power generation and IPP in a scalable way that competitors have failed to replicate.

The Imperative for Change

Uniper was already a world-class power plant maintenance and operations business with people-centric engineering expertise and advanced tools. In order to grow its business, it needed to reach a global audience with more robust services.

The challenge was turning 30 years of in-depth power-plant data insights and know-how into a differentiated digital product that creates new revenue streams.

The Transformative Solution

Uniper had a valuable set of tools and applications for both internal and external use. Together, we developed a platform strategy and the Enerlytics brand to bring these out to the marketplace, transforming Uniper’s value proposition.

Using a multi-track Agile Scrum setup, Publicis Sapient first mapped all the potential customers’ needs and pain points across the operating and buying process, and created a prototype based on these insights. We then brought legacy applications across key functions onto a single web portal, including design and implementation for the apps, and an API built to pull relevant data from Uniper’s backend systems.

“Publicis Sapient has delivered measurable results and created transparency across our partnership.”

Pete Davies
Pete Davies , Head of Digital Engineering Solutions, Uniper

The Business Impact

Uniper can now offer value-adding client services on the Enerlytics web portal by providing customers with a 360° visibility over their power plant asset condition and performance, as well as key data such as prices, electricity volumes and any discovered issues.

Thanks to Publicis Sapient’s focus on reusability, accessibility and maintainability, the product development framework is designed to ensure teams and product owners can quickly get new ideas into the product cycle.

Our partnership with Uniper has always been driven by measurable outcomes. Read on for some of our proudest metrics.

“This new platform has been integral to our business model. The energy industry needs to transform, and platforms such as Enerlytics help us as we move to invest in alternative and effective ways of generating power.”

Uniper client
Shailesh Joshi
Shailesh Joshi
Managing Partner, EMEA & APAC