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The Children’s Place

How TCP Leveraged a Data Management Solution to Drive its Business in the Right Direction

Improving targeting and marketing campaign effectiveness

The Children’s Place (TCP) leveraged a third-party data management platform to analyze its customer data. The inherent operating model was time consuming and didn’t allow TCP’s leadership the flexibility to analyze data through different lenses.

Publicis Sapient implemented a data platform allowing TCP to analyze customer data and improve targeting of its marketing campaigns.

The Imperative for Change

The Children's Place (TCP) is a specialty retailer wanted to transform the way it managed and analyzed their customer data.

TCP’s data platform was managed and hosted by a third party. On a daily basis, TCP shared customer transaction feed files across the US and Canada with the third party, covering:

  • Loyalty transactions
  • Email campaign transactions
  • Store transactions
  • Online transactions

The data was then processed by the third party hosted and managed service and reporting dashboards were delivered to TCP’s leadership for analysis.

The inherent process was expensive, time consuming, and didn’t give TCP the control and flexibility it needed to analyze data across different lenses.

Thus, TCP sought to develop an in-house solution to manage and process its customer data.

The Transformative Solution

Publicis Sapient implemented a data platform to enable TCP to manage and analyze customer data in-house. Built on AWS cloud native concept, the platform was a serverless solution generating a 360-degree view of the customer.

The solution leveraged Redshift data store to collect TCP data feeds, processed data in a serverless setup with the help of AWS Glue and Lambda and generated reports in Cognos.

The solution processed the data feeds from TCP to create ‘customer’ and ‘email’ specific views for analysis. Leveraging Epsilon for Customer ID resolution, we aggregated customer data for both views and tracked their history of activity covering:

  • Emails opened & clicked by customers
  • Preferred mode of engaging/shopping with TCP
  • Category of clothes purchased, such as boy, girl, toddler, etc.

The analysis helped TCP drive downstream marketing campaigns, and measure and improve their effectiveness by targeting the intended customer.

Business impact

The new data platform provided TCP the flexibility to drive its business in the right direction.

Our solution generated a variety of reports applying different business logic, enabling TCP leadership to apply analytics and derive powerful insights.

Improved Targeting for Campaigns
The solution ensured data availability and provided access to more attributes for segmentation
Faster Report Generation
Enabled same-day reporting instead of the previous 48-hour turn around time
Potential To Reduce Operating Costs
With a serverless solution place, TCP expects to reduce operating costs
Complete Control of Data
With the in-house solution in place, TCP has complete control of the data

Our Partner

Raj Kumar Jha
Raj Kumar Jha
Director Data Engineering