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How Miral Connects the Customer Experience for Travelers, Powered by Microsoft Azure
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Miral offers a unique array of attractions on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, but they were missing opportunities to promote the destination holistically. They aimed to capture customer data and act on it to deliver a seamless, personalized experience. Miral came to Publicis Sapient because they knew we could enable a digital transformation that would put Abu Dhabi on the map as a destination of choice for travelers.


The Imperative for Change

Visitors to Yas Island theme parks, shops, restaurants, golf courses and more had disparate customer experiences. Miral captured limited customer data (less than 180,000 customer records for 10m visitors) and there was no unified digital experience. Data sat across multiple systems, making it impossible to cross-sell and upsell the attractions. In order to deliver an integrated, personalized customer experience that inspires guests to stay all day, Miral needed to transform.


The Transformative Solution

Our strategy involved developing a single digital platform (Yas Connect) to connect both Miral and non-Miral attractions on Yas Island. The platform uses 45 best-of-breed technologies to ensure success at scale. Now, visitors have a unique customer ID that enables Miral to better understand people’s preferences and where they are on the island. The company is collecting a vast amount of data through a new integrated website and mobile app. Visitors can easily opt into free Wi-Fi throughout the island to enjoy a compelling and connected experience that entices guests to stay longer or return sooner. Miral can now extend targeted offers and deliver more personalized services.

"Today through this digital platform we have created a wall-less destination where our customers can enjoy different experiences without any limitation. Through this platform, we're able to onboard the right assets two times faster than before and integrate with our business partners from across the world."
Mohammed Al Zaabi, CEO, Miral

The Business Impact

The new platform business model advanced Miral from an asset management company to a provider of digital experiences. In the first year, Miral generated $100m in new ticket sales with expected annual revenue growth to be circa 20% year over year for the next five years. The online channel has a much greater contribution, with 37% of ticket sales happening through Yas Connect.

Yas Connect is now home to 35 apps and it enables Miral to drive revenue by upselling add-ons, shape plans for future property development and optimize operational performance. Miral is seeing higher conversion of Abu Dhabi visitors as the company is now cross-selling Miral attractions to customers, culminating in AED 327M in sales. Miral is driving growth while exposing visitors to the wonder of Abu Dhabi.

Reehan Sheikh
Reehan Sheikh
Client Strategy Lead