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A large clothing retailer

How a Large Clothing Retailer Made Digital a Priority

Building a best-in-class cloud native infrastructure.

As they set their sights on a digital future, a large clothing retailer had a business problem of migrating a huge monolithic Commerce Platform to Cloud Infrastructure and leveraging best-in-class Cloud Native Technologies. To achieve their vision, they partnered with Publicis Sapient to develop a scalable Web Application and Mobile Platform which is future-ready and will satisfy the needs of a growing customer base.

The Imperative for Change

E-commerce and Cloud native applications have become a fundamental part of the consumer journey in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. They needed to deliver an omni-channel customer experience across all digital platforms, offering intuitive and friction-less browsing, ordering, and offers/rewards experiences.

The Transformative Solution

Publicis Sapient and the retailer worked to transform the organization by co-creating a set of innovative accelerators and leading technology solutions in partnership with Amazon Web Services. Publicis Sapient helped in the redesign of the front-end application and move to AWS with their Elastic Beanstalk Solution. Publicis Sapient also helped in migrating the Data Warehousing solution to AWS and Redshift. Other AWS services used were EC2, VPC, ECR, Lambda, and App-sync.

The multi-tiered solution solved for several areas of data transformation, including:

• Data ingestion, transformation, consumption and entities unification

• Modular and customizable Spark Based Glue Solution for ingestion of data

The Business Impact

With the flexibility provided with the Cloud movement and migrating from the monolithic solution, the retailer now has the capability to do daily changes as well as making decisions based on customer traffic. With the new changes utilizing Micro-services, they now have capability to do on-demand changes and tweaks to live sites during heavy traffic as well to improve the overall customer experience.

Mohammad Wasim
Mohammad Wasim
Vice President – Global AWS Alliance and Cloud & DevOps Lead