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Your Guide to Unlocking Working Capital with AI

Discover the future of transaction banking

In the ever-changing realm of transaction banking, the efficient management of working capital has emerged as a pivotal focus. The pursuit of unlocking working capital has gained substantial momentum in recent times, propelled by a market landscape that demands adaptability and innovation. Join us as we delve into this landscape and the insights that shape an extraordinary opportunity.

“Revenues in the global transaction banking sector have reached their highest point since the global financial crisis, driven by increasing interest rates and significant corporate demand for financing.”
Manas Saha, Head of Commercial Banking and Capital Markets

In this playbook, we will explore how AI—both traditional and generative—can effectively revolutionize working capital management and offer tangible benefits for businesses. With AI, businesses will be equipped to navigate with confidence and seize the boundless opportunities ahead.

Introducing our Working Capital Playbook

Ready to transform your approach to working capital? Step into your strategic guide for harnessing the power of AI to optimize your working capital. Within this playbook, you will uncover:

  • Customer expectations for working capital management
  • Challenges and roadblocks to navigating working capital
  • Effective working capital optimization techniques using AI
  • How to architect your generative AI value chain
  • Next steps to unleashing the power of AI-model-as-a-Service
Download our Working Capital guide
Manas Saha
Manas Saha
Head of Commercial Banking and Capital Markets

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