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Sapient Synapse

The Sapient Synapse platform simplifies the management of sophisticated data with intuitive tools anyone can use. You can easily create, link and edit information through a straightforward interface to establish a lineage across the entire organization.

Sapient Synapse

This centralized platform enables closer collaboration across organizations and breaks down silos. It helps organizations derive value from high-quality data in a way that optimizes information analysis, improves transparency and drives decision-making.

Advanced visualization techniques including data mappings allow users to track data elements from multiple sources across the company: where it’s stored, how it travels and when it’s consumed.

The web-based platform also reveals how data elements are interconnected – people, processes, controls and technologies – for a comprehensive assessment of data throughout the organization. Intelligent glossaries on key information allow for quick references.

People moving in an interconnected fashion

You can easily import data into Synapse via CSV files so you can start to define data relationships within minutes – bypassing traditional and painstaking data entry from spreadsheets. You can also add metadata to data artefacts and glossary terms for advanced tagging and search functionality to enhance transparency and map data flows from internal systems to external services.

Organizations can leverage this platform to scale the performance and storage of environments – reducing infrastructure costs.

Sapient Synapse effortlessly connects business and technology users.

Key capabilities:

  • Information mapping — Connect multiple datasets through an intuitive user interface.
  • Data requirements — Manage requirements during change programs.
  • Transparency & lineage — Track and analyzes data use.
  • Metadata — Research and manage the meaning of data.
  • Impact assessment — Understand how user actions affect other processes and systems.
  • Data mapping — Perform data mappings across sources efficiently using visual tools

Key benefits:

  • Discover the impact of data
  • Enhance compliance and controls
  • Minimize cost

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