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Accelerate your banking transformation with XBank

Building a bank can be expensive and time-consuming. XBank, powered by Publicis Sapient, helps you accelerate your transformation with packaged solutions tailored to your business. So, whether you’re building a neobank from scratch or launching a new financial product or service, XBank can help you transform your business at speed.

  • Your personalized transformation

    Fast-track your transformation with a packaged transformation solution tailored to you.

    A new bank, fast

    Get a new bank in nine months or less. By fusing ready-made strategies, operating models, accelerators, methodologies and architectures, XBank transforms your business at speed.

    Say hello to your new partners

    Find the right fintechs to accelerate your implementation from our rich ecosystem of partners.

Build your bank’s future in four steps 

From getting the right strategy to building the right platform, discover how XBank can transform your business at speed with our integrated four-step plan.

  • Download the guide: XBank: Build a Neobank, Fast

    Digital transformation takes time. And in a fast-changing market, this is time that you don't have.

    That’s why we created How to Build a Neobank—your four-step guide to building a bank from the ground up in as little as six to nine months and delivering new products and services at breakneck speed.

    Download now and discover how to:

    • Build a neobank in four clear steps
    • Launch new digital products and services at speed
    • Avoid the common pitfalls that cause new businesses to fail
    • Scale and grow your business beyond the initial transformation
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Together we’re building the future of banking

Through our global partnerships, we provide world-class products and services aligned to our clients’ needs.

Form3: Creating new capabilities in banking

Form3 has a single purpose: to transform outdated and costly payments infrastructures. In this series of videos, we’re joined by Form3’s Chief Product Officer Mike Walters, to discuss the future of banking and discover how banks are upgrading their platforms.
Part 1

The payments landscape

We discuss where the payment landscape is going over the next few years and how incumbent banks and challengers can adapt to meet new challenges.

Part 2

Aligning the organization with the tech

Walters explains how managing and aligning the business approach around the tech is the key to delivering rapid change in financial services.

Part 3

Managing fraud

We discuss one of the biggest challenges facing financial services partners along with actionable insights into managing fraud.

Part 4

Future trends in payments

Walters discusses common challenges faced by incumbents and challengers alike and explores what the future of the payments landscape looks like.

Kong: Delivering on the promise of digital

Kong creates software and managed services that use intelligent automation to connect and manage APIs and microservices natively across cloud environments, Kubernetes, data centers and more. Join Kong’s Regional Director for the U.K. and Ireland, Karim Chester, to discover the challenges new technology poses to banks and FS companies.
Part 1

Rethinking the operating model

We discuss how the right operating model is critical to any digital transformation by bringing together people, processes and technology.

Part 2

The new banking tech stack

Chester explores the tech stack that banks need to adopt to succeed in today’s challenging banking landscape.

Part 3

The future of banking

We explore the future of banking, and Chester provides his insights on where the opportunities and challenges for banks lie in the years ahead.

Snowflake: The impact of data

Snowflake’s Data Cloud unites siloed data, enabling data storage, processing and analytic solutions that are faster, easier to use and far more flexible than traditional offerings. Join Snowflake’s Rinesh Patel to explore how data is transforming banking and the impact this is having on financial services organizations.
Part 1

The changing face of financial services

We discuss how the financial services industry is changing due to tighter regulations, new technologies, tighter cost controls and the implementation of multi-cloud strategies.

Part 2

Data use cases

Technology and data-savvy financial services businesses increasingly want to collect, normalize, distribute and monetize their data. We explore some of the key data use cases for FS organizations.

Part 3

Accelerating the journey to cloud

We discuss the three key cloud transformation agendas and explore how collaboration is key to delivering change and accelerating the journey to a data platform.

Thought Machine: The next generation of banking platforms

Thought Machine is solving the banking industry’s legacy technology problem with Vault, its cloud-native core banking platform. Join Thought Machine’s COO Gareth Richardson to find out the future of banking and discover how challengers and incumbents are upgrading their banking platforms to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Part 1

The impact of new technology

We discuss how changing consumer behaviors, new technology and cost-saving are forcing banks to start thinking differently about their offerings.

Part 2

Overcoming the challenges of core banking migration

Richardson reveals how Thought Machine is overcoming the challenges and mitigating the risks of core banking migration.

Part 3

Regions, regulation and the future of banking

We discuss how customer demands vary regionally and how this impacts the delivery of core banking services.

The future of banking: Industry leaders share their predictions

Banking leaders from Deutsche Bank, HSBC, NatWest, Starling Bank and Virgin Money give us their perspectives.

What will the world of banking look like in five years?

Discover how our banking leaders foresee technology reshaping the industry.
Part 1

The next generation of banking

Leaders from Deutsche Bank, HSBC, NatWest, Starling Bank and Virgin Money get out their crystal balls.

Part 2

The data-driven bank

We find out how personalization is changing banking, discover the potential of AI-driven analytics and explore how banks can navigate the ethical use of data.

Part 3

Breaking the mold

Discover how digital ecosystems, partnerships and embedded finance are transforming the banking sector before our very eyes.

Part 4

Taking banking CX up a notch

Find out how to create proactive, seamless and customer-led services.

David Murphy
David Murphy
Head of Financial Services, EMEA & APAC