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IDC InfoBrief

Prepare for the Era of Intelligent Experiences

Leveraging customer data and contextual insights for intelligent customer experience

In this new era of AI, enterprises are moving from a digital-first approach to becoming a digital business. To keep up with this trend, organizations can leverage AI-driven customer data to engage with customers in real time to demonstrate their ability to achieve value-based customer experience (CX) outcomes.

However, critical obstacles remain: Sharing data and ensuring trusted accessibility across the organization are crucial barriers to achieving real-time, whole-journey experience outcomes based on a unified customer view.

So how do you balance enterprise growth and business outcomes with delivering value for your customer and ensuring customer-desired outcomes are met?

“Two-thirds of customers only engage with a company based on engagement that is contextual and relevant.”

IDC’s Future of Customer Experience Survey, September 2022

IDC InfoBrief: Prepare for the Era of Intelligent Experiences

Download the report to discover:

  • What helps enterprises successfully achieve value-based customer outcomes
  • How to move beyond the current limits of personalization and avoid the trap of commoditized experiences
  • How to bridge capability gaps in managing customer data and harnessing value from insights
  • How to facilitate permissible and trusted data sharing across enterprise
  • The impact of GenAI and other sentiment analytics tools on achieving contextual customer-desired outcomes
  • Why creating a disciplined enterprise-level focus for CX transformation is critical

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