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CDP Virtual Lab With Walled Garden Cleanroom

The CDP Virtual Lab is a digital workshop canvas that helps businesses develop a customer data platform. This cyber-laboratory provides structure and guidance to ensure the planning process is robust and fruitful with nothing left behind.

CDP Virtual Lab With Walled Garden Cleanroom

We partner with clients online to work through the CDP Virtual Lab together. We collaborate on the interactive work canvas in real time, explore customer-identity questions and incorporate today’s best personalization tactics. Together with our clients, we identify key elements for a business strategy, set priorities and establish success metrics.

As our industry evolves – alongside data-access practices and regulations – the Walled Garden Cleanroom ensures our clients have safe and reliable access to the data they need to fully capitalize on the promise of their new CDP.

A customer data platform’s value lies in its utility for achieving quantifiable and tangible results. The CDP Virtual Lab isn’t a theoretical exercise. It’s about making real change happen. It’s about specific business outcomes.


“People shouldn’t implement a CDP, for the sake of implementing a CDP. They should focus toward the outcome through a well-structured process, identify how a CDP can help customers, acquire new customers, retain existing customers, reduce costs and expand relationships,” said Jason English, senior vice president and global Salesforce practice at Publicis Sapient.

At the end of the process, program participants will have a unified view of their customer powered by data from various sources. The end product will be teeming with actionable, up-to-date insights about the customer experience. It gives companies a real path forward, a timeline for success and a roadmap for personalization.

The customer data platforms are fully aligned with the Google Cloud Platform. As the industry evolves, the Walled Garden Cleanroom makes sure our clients can access the data they need to best capitalize on their new platforms.

CDP Virtual Lab

The Walled Garden Cleanroom plugs into the CDP – ensuring the platform and its data are clean, safe and secure. This reliable module ensures that our clients need not worry about malware or any other dangers following them on or off the platform.

“You can go in but you can’t take anything out. It’s sanitized as you go in and sanitized as you go out,” said Max Kirby, director, cloud solutions practice at Publicis Sapient.

The CDP Virtual Lab is conducted as a series of one to two-hour sessions that focus on particular sections. Once there’s a roadmap, the frequency and volume of subsequent sessions is determined by urgency and capacity.

In a perfect world, consultants would have these sorts of sessions in a conference room with a dry-erase board onsite. But current events or distance could preempt this. Given extenuating circumstances, the CDP Virtual Lab is the next best thing to physically working side-by-side.


Digital and personalization already differentiate leaders and laggards in business. This contrast will only become starker with time.

The digital laboratory is available to businesses across different sectors.

“We can make a big impact within three to four months,” English said. “We can get a lot done and move the needle on these conversations remotely.”

Accelerate with CDP Virtual Lab

20:32 Has the pandemic affected your business? This conversation explores how CDP Virtual Lab is building a better future for companies—through strategically designed customer data platforms. See how the Lab is giving companies a path to personalization, a timeline for success, and making real change happen.

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